Splurge Vs. Save: French Aubusson Style Pillows

Please bear with all of the pillow posts (and admit it, you love them, too!).  I’m currently scouring the design market for a collection of throw pillows to complete a cozy family room with a deep sectional.   The classic French Aubusson style is truly beautiful.  It says “home”, “comfort”, “history”, and most commonly “floral”.   This Fresh Cut find below is the splurge. At $360, from Layla Grace, this dusty blue pillow adds grace and softness to any neutral setting.

Blue and Gold Vines Aubusson Pillow, $360 | http://www.laylagrace.com

If you can splurge, go for it!  Find a neutral, creamy sofa, bed, or chair and complete the look.  If you feel faint at the sight of the price, see below for our similar, but more affordable options.   Ebay has a constant collection of Aubusson pillows. Many are in the $400-$500 range, however, they also have  prices closer to $100-125.

Aubusson Pillow in Pink/Gold | http://www.ebay.com

Another option from Soft Surroundings:

Printemps Aubusson Pillow in Multi, $118 | http://www.softsurroundings.com

Return often to find more Fresh Cut Splurge/Saves in the future. We’ll explore paint, wall-covering, furniture, bedding, bath, kitchen, and accessories. Something for everyone! Happy shopping!


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