Wednesday Whimsy: Spelling Lesson

I like to think I am really alright at the game of Scrabble.  But really, I’ve got a lot to learn.  Everyone does.  Yes, even you, Ken Jennings with your expansive word knowledge, quick-thinking, and Jeopardy-dominating logic. Except for my sneaky mother. She’s a fun-loving, down-to-earth, sometimes flighty, social-butterflyin’, party-hostin’, laughing, witty, artistic gal.  She’s a compassionate, gentle mother.  Did I mention she’s lovable?  But inside, there’s a copy of the Scrabble Dictionary and a triple word score-breathing dragon of demise.  Game: Mom – 764 points, Opponent – 46 points.  Not really, but everyone loses a little confidence in their vocabulary and self-worth when they play with her.  I suddenly forget simple words I know.  “Uh, mom, is “attic” a word? Is it spelled with a -c or a -k?” My vocabulary takes the backseat to my verbal-insecurity and onset inability to add up her triple letter, double word, used-all-her-letters scores.  I’ve snapped pictures of her ridiculous two-letter idioms. I’ve threatened to not play with her (but she’ll whine, literally). I even have a better Scrabble set than she does. Platinum Edition with leather score book and silver golf pencil, thank you very much.

<Deeeeep sigh>…At the end of the day, she’s my mom and I love her, so despite my panic attacks when I hear anything rhyming with “-abble” or seeing the letter “X” on my letter shelf, I’ve found the perfect pillows to lean on while she’s rackin’ in the winning points.  These add of a touch of personality and interest in any room and don’t ya know? Your guests will know exactly what game they’re losing after dinner at your house.  It doesn’t help that she innocently keeps one’s glass of Fish-Eye Merlot very, very full…

Photo © Dirtsa Studios |

Thanks for hopping over for some Wednesday Whimsy!  Happy designing!


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