Glass & Leather, Together Forever

The design world is currently buzzing about none other than the just-wrapped-up International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). Subsequently, I’ve been excitedly following various blogs for a glimpse into the products featured at ICFF this past weekend in New York City.  A wonderful friend of mine and owner of Philadelphia-based design and energy audit company, KOAngotti, has a video interview covering their favorite innovative products.  After perusing the new and modern concepts, finishes, and furniture, I allowed myself to share one favorite (Why just one? Simple. I loved too many to hold your attention). A piece that left me wanting to see more – a piece which I want in my house. In every room. In ever corner.

Feast your eyes. (No need to grab popcorn, I’ll keep it short and sweet).

Esque Studio | photos courtesy Esque sStudio & Design*Sponge

The photo to the right (Grace Bonney, Design Sponge) shows leather-harnessed glass orbs featured at ICFF 2011. These are decorative, but I had to see more, so I worked a little Google magic and snagged the photo to the left from Esque Studio’s 2010 Catalog.  Now things get interesting. The photo to the left is, as I had hoped, a pendant light fixture. The pairing of smooth and translucent glass with organic, flexible leather is remarkable. Immediately, I envision a staggered grouping in the corner of a living room hanging over a southwestern-upholstered armchair or illuminating dinner on a reclaimed wood dining table.  And I’ve been designing rooms in my brain with these hip fixtures all day long…


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