Something old, something new..

I’m enthusiastically announcing the addition of two new categories to the blog: ‘Very Vintage‘ and ‘The Antique Cowgirl‘.  I will happily explain a) why they are separate but equally fabulous categories and b) the naming in just a moment, but for now, be excited with me!  This is very intriguing (to me and also to you!) for two reasons:

Reason #1: Thrift shops, vintage boutiques, and antique stores/auctions are the best places to find truly one-of-a-kind items for reasonable prices.  They have personality and allure, adding impact to any space. These finds also have no limits. Keep them as they are after a gentle dusting or re-vamp them with a fresh coat of paint (furniture!), a little paper mache (frames!), or a fun new upholstery fabric (seating!). We turned a $5 chair into a beautiful new piece with a re-upholstered seat and a fun paint color, total $18.50 (including the chair, spray paint, foam, and fabric). You can, too, and so much more.

Reason #2: I love history. I love furniture. I love furniture with history. There is nothing more wonderful than hearing a story behind a piece of furniture you’ve just complimented. “Thank you, I found them in the rubble of a gutted building in Savannah while we were road-tripping in the summer of ’78. It was pouring rain, but I insisted we load them into the back seat. They barely fit, but we were determined, and we brought them home and well, how perfect are they for this room?” Furthermore, I love adding to the history by giving a piece new life, if needed of course… a new chapter.

These are similar in that they both hail from the past, but there are too many differences to count, so they don’t have to share a room. The most straightforward reason: “vintage”, as I’m approaching it, signifies thrifty, retro, and re-workable. “Antique”, again – as I make the rules here, will cover equally old and historical pieces, but they’ll typically carry a higher price tag and are considered “investments”. Persian rugs, original paintings, ornate frames, furniture, and basically anything we’d only find by *ahem* antique-ing falls here.

Why Very Vintage and The Antique Cowgirl?

Very Vintage’s name is inspired by my adoration of alliteration, simply put. Stop, yes, that’s the true reason. I know. I’m really deep here.  I’d love to add a “Valuable” and a “Vivacious” in there, but it would be too long, and really who am I kidding? I’m the vivacious one here, not the name.

The Antique Cowgirl is my alter-ego. I’m putting my Annie Oakley twist on an urban profession.  Many of the best antique stores in Pennsylvania are nestled in old and refurbished barns, in the rural suburbs. Additionally, conveniently, the really fun collections include rare farm tools, reclaimed wood, re-purposed lanterns and jars, horse shoes, and hardware. I wouldn’t think of antique-ing without my signature cowgirl boots on and a love for rustic accents, thus, when in the country, do as the cowgirls. Antique in boots.

Happy Saturday.



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