Instant ‘Pop’ of Color: Flowers

My grandmother gives me her issues of Martha Stewart Living Magazine every few months. This is one of the most beautiful, happy covers I’ve seen in a long time. These poppies have presence and are unpretentious, whimsical, and almost appear to dance in place. They would add an incredible splash of color to a neutral space like my favorite picks of the previous blog post.

Poppies | Photo by: Carolyn Laich

Ironically, while brightly colored poppies bring life and allure to a space, in Greek and Roman mythology, poppies are a symbol of “deep sleep” and “death.” They were traditionally an offering to the dead, the bright reds representing resurrection.  In the United States and various other countries, they are a symbol of remembrance to veterans of those that were lost at war. I have memories of my parents fixing wire poppies to the insides of their cars each Memorial Day, replacing a dull, sun-faded poppy from the year before.

Update: June 8, 2011 | I received a packet of Poppy Seeds in the mail from my grandmother yesterday! I cannot wait to plant them!


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