What I’m Reading! (May Edition)

What are you reading right now? I’m a multi-tasking reader, so I’ve got a few:

Clockwise: The Mastery of Love by Miguel Riuz | Martha Stewart Living - February 2011 Issue | Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran | Better Homes and Gardens June Issue

Some thoughts:

1. The Mastery of Love (Miguel Ruiz): This is my nightstand bible. I’ve actually read it about 12 times, but pick it up almost every night to refresh my perspective. Miguel Ruiz shares the teachings of the ancient Toltec on life, self-love, and loving others. Pair it with his book, The Four Agreements, and you’ll look at the world and the people around you with more awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, and love.

2. An old issue of Martha Stewart Living from my grandmothers grab-bag of passed along goodies – I’m simply catching myself up on the chocolate-based recipes for my Valentine (in May). I am considering replacing my subscription of #4 with a subscription of MSL. Shh!

3. Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran tells the story of Barbara’s growth as a child in a large, humble family as it shaped her career. Barbara, raised by a strong mother and loving father, is known for turning $1,000 from a former boyfriend into a $1 billion real estate empire. You might have seen her on ABC’s Shark Tank –  but really, while her poise and wit add intrigue and intelligence to the show, the true inspiration is in the pages of Shark Tales.

4. Better Homes & Gardens is my monthly housewife newspaper. I can find decor inspiration (and also what not to do), delicious recipes, garden and potting tips, and even clothing and make-up advice. For this read, I have no review or advice, except maybe to grab a bowl of popcorn.

Happy reading.


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