Fresh Finds: The Desirable Dozen

Things I’m currently lovin’ and finding inspirational. I’ll feature a list like this periodically. One day, it will be a high honor to be featured in my Desirable Dozen.. mark my words! Wink.

The Desirable Dozen: June 2011 Edition | Photo by Carolyn Laich ©2011

Clockwise from Top Left:

1. From Paloma’s Nest (first featured in Martha Stewart Weddings circa 2009), a hand-made ring dish with beautiful words pressed into the center. These are personalized or pre-made. Ours reads “Be happy. Be loving. Be true.” |

2. Brightly-colored dinner plates+serving-ware. They add happiness to any table, indoors or out! The ‘Inspiration-board’ photos shown: 1. Plates from West Elm,, 2. Lisa Congdon’s collection of Scandinavian pieces featured in Martha Stewart Living, Feb 2011.

3. Earthy, woven accessories. This is a trivet from my mother. I love the hand-made quality and the subtle design, adding another material to my kitchen.

4. A little salt bowl. A simple, functional touch for the table. Literally, a pinch of salt! This bowl’s from Pier 1. |

5. Rustic, imperfect pottery. This small jug was hand-made by that wildly admired grandmother of mine! Normally it is corked, but here I’ve filled it with sage branches. The sides are pressed with a cookie press.

6. That which is inside of No. 4’s rustic jug. Twisty twigs that look all snarly. I found these in the faux-flower section of my local craft store. There’s nothing faux about them – they’re just dried! They add natural-looking whimsy to any space.

7. A fun and intriguing trivia game. Foodie Fight‘s my current favorite. I hope to play it enough times to learn all of my wrong answers and secretly, unfairly kick the bums of new, innocent players. Try Amazon for a deal!

8. The ‘Hey, it’s ok…‘ column in Glamour magazine. Read this to make yourself feel not-so-alone in all of those weird, but normal things you do. I literally subscribe just for this column. Yes, truth.

9. Nautical pillows that don’t scream: Seashore House! These fish, whale, and coral pillows from introduce sea life in a modern, subtle manner so they don’t fit only in your summer home and only for the three months of summer. |

10. Simple, no-frills ivory fabrics. Clean, crisp, and sometimes sporting a pretty matelasse texture. They are soothing and add some visual rest to a patterned sofa or busy room. |

11. Unique, tiny boxes. I like to refer to these as ‘table-lockets’. They’re adorably mini and hold a pair of earrings or a small necklace or a teeny photo of your sweetheart. This was a gift from my mother and came with a tiny, dried rosebud inside. Try artisan type boutiques that carry the creations of local artists. Artisan’s Nest, Skippack, PA | Artisan’s Galley, Lahaska, PA

12. Neutral paint colors that are only present as a subtle backdrop and respectfully don’t steal the show. These colors let your paintings do the eye-catching. | This photo is merely a darn cool picture, but deserves credit: Restoration Hardware’s Spring Sourcebook.


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