For Your Own Little Chicks & Fishies

It is important that while designing spaces for infants and young children, focus is kept on the aspect of aided development. Children, infants and toddlers especially, respond best to elements of strong contrast, vibrant color, and simple patterns and shapes. Below are a few wonderfully functional and appealing additions to a space for a wee one, hand-picked by me! Enjoy!

Chicken Family Pillow Cover, $49.95 | Sukan,

Strapping Storage, $8.95 and up, Land of Nod |

Merry Zoo Icon Rug, $300 for 5x7, Posh Tots |

Firehouse Bookshelf, $270, Punkin Patch |

Fish Mobile, $58, Almost Sunday |

These items are all intriguing through their use of shapes, educational nature, contrast, color, and movement. They encourage interaction and with such bright colors, they influence a wonderful day of playtime and consistent development of eyesight and motor skills. *Tulip Tip: Too many patterns, images, and colors can be overwhelming so be sure to balance your neutrals, solids, and soft edges with these delightfully eye-catching finds! If you’re ever unsure of where to begin or where to stop, there’s an interior designer for that!


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