Sensational Sticks

Perpetual Calendar, $1980 |

Sticks Furniture and Object Art, founded by artist Sarah Grant in 1985, caught my eye in a gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania about 10 years ago. Since then, I’ve been saving my dimes so I can one day furnish my home with these fun pieces. The prices reflect many hours of hand-carving and painting; more importantly, the uniquely conceived designs.  I love the whimsical phrases which are incorporated with subtlety. They use literary texture, a term I’m coining in terms of design principles, to create visual interest through handwritten sayings. Go ahead, feel free to spread that term across the land of decor! The Perpetual Calendar above is not only a piece of art, it is functional – for as long as the sun is rising and setting. This is also great to encourage learning and hands-on scheduling with children.

Sticks Night Table |

This night table is perfect for any room. I repeat – any room. It’s a piece of artwork – functional artwork. It is very rare to find artwork that provides storage, a seat, or a reflection (the mirrors!) which makes the productions of Sticks true treasures.  This is perfect for a child’s room, a guest room with personality, or even in an eclectic living room. The top is so pretty, you won’t want to set anything upon it!

Tall, Narrow Bookcase |

These beautiful book shelves just speak so strongly to me. They have structure and poise, yet harbor a sort of playfulness you only find in the spirit of a child. The book shelf to the left has a table-cloth inspired checker on the inside surfaces of the shelves and wine, cheese, and vegetable illustrations adorning the exposed sides. “Cook up a storm,” it reads. The piece to the right pops with bright sunset colors and happy sea life, which I find wildly appropriate for a cottage by the shore.

*Tulip Tip: These items are a sneaky add-on to my previous post regarding design for children. The black+white checker borders, deep colors, and intricate designs enhance development of eye-sight, speech, wonder, and mood. They also grow with a small child as they are evidently appealing to adults as well (ahem!).

Sticks is based in Iowa, but is featured in galleries around the nation such as Artisan’s Gallery in Lahaska, PA and A Mano Gallery in New Hope, PA.



One thought on “Sensational Sticks

  1. Amazing review! I love Sticks products, they’re so full of whimsy.

    I only wanted to point out that you did not coin the phrase “literary texture.” Its a phrase that has been around for a long time and refers to the structure of a literary work, and how it is influenced by many other written works.

    In this case, it still fits Sticks quite well.

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