Fresh Takes: The Intro

This June, I’m introducing a new string of posts under the umbrella of “Fresh Takes”. In each “Fresh Take”, I’ll feature a room or concept and give it my rundown. Of course complete with feedback, it’ll look a little something like this:

I’ll name the space and where I found it (i.e. Living Room,
First Impression:
The first single descriptive word or noun that comes to mind. 10 letters in 10 seconds.
Is it energizing or restful? I’ll determine that one right here.
Relax, prepare food, organize mail, watch American Idol… You get the idea.
Why I love it:
A short blurb of why I chose the space to appear before your eyes!
What works:
Elements that are functional and stylish = success.
Room for Improvement:
Needs pizazz (color, texture, anchoring, variety) or to be taken down a notch.
Sustainable Style:
Yes or No? Is it environmentally conscious?
What stands out and where can one find it?

Keep your eyes peeled for this feature.. I already have a cozy living room chugging its way down the blogging tracks.


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