Pottery by the Sea

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air…” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I fell asleep last night determined to wake up early and sneak away to the shore for the day. I vowed that I would do this just for me and not blab about it for once – a true escape. I also made myself promise that I must accomplish the tasks I would have otherwise completed during a day of work. This determination lulled me right to sleep and awoke in the morning with a similar, but separate thought: I was desperate to swim. Could it be a craving in my soul? Do I need water today? My logical self (I’ve got to quiet her!) placed my fingers on the keyboard whispering gently but firmly, “Get to work.” [Not so] conveniently, the weather is less than beachy. /Sigh

My sea-driven exploration brought my first breezy find of the day in the beautiful work of Island Girl Pottery. Jacqueline Allard’s nature-inspired creations have a truly artistic and genuine feel of life by the sea. There are many artists with similar interpretations of sea-side life, but there is something about this pottery that takes me away. Jacqueline pairs a whimsical, lifelong imagination with beauty she sees in her own back yard. I can picture the carefree sunny days of Fort Lauderdale that have inspired the artist and the exotic comfort of Hawaii that took my breath away on our Honeymoon. When it comes to home decor and treasures like this froggy dish, it is so important that these objects speak to us personally. If art doesn’t move you, it shouldn’t move into your home.

Top: Sea Turtle Serving Tray, $60; Bottom: Fish Sushi Tapas Set, $31 | http://www.etsy.com/shop/islandgirlpottery

These pieces are completely functional and hand-washable. I always love a versatile piece of pottery. That is, a dish that can be used to serve tapas or set on a console table in a hallway to look pretty.  I don’t typically suggest Facebook pages in my blog (no particular reason!), but I find that similar objects catch my eye when I visit this Facebook island – if you like White Tulip Interiors, I am confident you’ll also like Miss Island Girl herself.


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