Veggie Variety

I have made an effort in recent spring-summer weeks to buy local fruits and vegetables. I admit, I made this decision initially after viewing a documentary about the big, impersonal processes of supermarket kings. However, as a gal whose more interested in polished silver than politics, I let that aspect remain as a mere influence and I am now hooked simply because everything tastes and looks so vibrant. Produce found at farmer’s stands and markets is typically sold no more than 24 hours after harvest and looks lovely on display in your counter. I always encourage functional ways to decorate using bowls of lemons, bananas, or pots of fresh herbs.

Self-proclaimed "Eat Your Peas" propaganda by artist Joe Wirtheim, $20 for print |

If you’re like me and you love fresh kale, broccoli, apricots, and peaches, you might like these colorful posters for your fruit stand, I mean kitchen. This is an excellent example of decor which reflects your passions and personality. (Might I add: the only way to decorate!?).


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