Blissful Beds

I really, really wanted to title this post “Beds that Rock!” but that pun would just unfairly outshine the content of the post, itself. Also, while I naively thought it was clever, somehow a soothing place of rest doesn’t seem appropriately comparable to the head-banging ballads of AC|DC. Yes, I just emulated their logo with a keyboard lightning bolt.

These are beds which I’ve been eyeing for a while. In fact, picture a little squirrel hiding seeds and berries and nuts for winter. I did that with these beds. I was that well-prepared little critter, but with design.

Barnwood Hanging Bed, $2,898.00 to start |

Mercatus Queen Bed, $2900 (on clearance! oh no!) |

French Academie Iron Bed, $695 to start |

Headboard by Sticks, $4370 |

DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard, via Poetic Home

Each of these beds spoke to me differently. I love that each one has its own personality and attitude. Some beds are sturdy, some cozy, some whimsical, some glamorous, some artistic, and others simple. Aside from a warm spot to rest, a bed is the focal point of a bedroom – a welcoming presence, a haven.  I’ll finish this post by sharing that I definitely had, “Black Coffee in Bed” by Squeeze playing in the background. Cheesy? Yes. Me? Always.


6 thoughts on “Blissful Beds

  1. just saw a segment on the news last night that hammocks beacuse of the swing motion make people go to sleep easier and stay asleep more restfully. perhaps the anthopologie bed with a motorized option to make it move would be a great addition.

    • That would be the dreamiest! Anthro, I hope you’re reading this and watching the news! Thanks for the feedback – great bed, huh?

  2. I absolutely love the DIY Headboard. Even the little details with white paint on the wood….it looks so inviting and peaceful.

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