Cool Homegoods Finds: Ottoman

I stopped into HomeGoods recently on the hunt for outdoor seat cushions (which, of course I found!) and stumbled across this rad ottoman on my way to the register. Yes, I take the scenic route. In fact, I think I spend more time being distracted in H-Goods after procurement of my to-be-purchased loot. I do walk around for a solid 2 hours before I make a decision so that says something. Just – a lot of time is spent, ok?!

The ottoman. It’s green and black and very substantial. I both love and hate that the patterned upholstery is carpet-like. It’s a very low looped pile and is rather rough in texture, attracting stray threads and hair (yeep! this drops it’s grade to a B-, with a lint-roller, a B). Literally, it’s carpet. The texture is visually interesting, but perhaps scratchy on one’s toes. What I love: It’s unique. The sturdiness. The material gives the entire pattern and piece substance and presence, which, if we’re bringin’ it around full-circle… is a fair trade in my opinion. Similar to, say, a pair of sky-high Louboutins: ouch, but chic.

At $300, this ottoman could be considered a splurge for some. However, considering it’s floor-grade wear and tear upholstery, I might throw the term “investment” in front of “piece” as I describe it. If you’re Irish and rebellious and free-spirited by nature (not unlike this rebel carpet ottoman), it even has four-leaf clovers. The lucky sort.


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