Improve Your Mood + Home: 5 Tips

There are many unique lists in the world of self-improvement boasting new and clever ways to boost your mood, relieve your stress, and increase your productivity. I believe one of the first steps to lifting your spirits and motivation is to start with your surroundings. You cannot force or expect happiness – you must create it and feel its influence. Here’s my dandy little list of 5 things you can do today to create an uplifting and energizing environment in your home.

Durbar Square, Nepal | Photo from 'Around the World in 80 Clicks'

1. Make your bed each day as though you are displaying it in a Ralph Lauren ad. Studies [in our home] show that an un-made or even half-made bed stimulates stress subconsciously. Do it up beautifully and you’ll feel complete, relieved, and balanced. A former half-tush bed-maker, I’m on day 4 of this new habit and it truly makes a difference.

2. Keep your sink empty. I once read that the sink is the center of your kitchen (nope, not the refrigerator) and like your computer’s hard drive, it is the hub for nearly every process which takes place in the kitchen (rinsing, draining, washing, soaking… you get the idea). It should be free of germs and excess clutter.

3. Let in sunshine and fresh air. Instant connection with nature.

4. Straighten your wall art. There is nothing more irksome than a slightly crooked frame. Like, say, a gnat buzzing across your path of vision while you’re outdoors trying to enjoy that [dang!] sunshine and fresh air!

5. Display your fruit in a piece of handmade pottery. It’s bright, sweet, and more likely to be consumed! The handmade pottery is an element of rustic charm paired with fresh lemons or peaches – instant mood-amplifier! Like flowers!


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