The Artful Floor

Bev Hisey’s background in fashion and creative spirit has driven her unique design of playful, yet refined area rugs.  Her creations are handmade, modern, and increasingly well-known as she has been featured in Interior Design Magazine, Dwell, and Food & Drink among other publications. I’m focusing on area rug floor art, but her collection holds so much more including table runners, eccentric room dividers, cushions, and throw blankets.

More on the artful character: literally – her pieces below are soft, cushy horizontal canvases – works of art almost too pretty to tread upon.  I particularly love “Dirty Dishes” (not shown, see them HERE!), “Sight Lines”, and “Cross My Heart.” I can picture the anatomical heart in a retro, yet classy physician’s reception area. I love the subtle use of color in “Cross My Heart” which yields balance allowing for the lighting, furniture, and people in the space to shine. Although I only provided a link, “Dirty Dishes” would be so very appropriate and oddly whimsical in a Doctor’s office. The designs resemble petri dish specimens set to fuzzy, vibrant carpet and have names like “Streptococcus” and “Cholera”. Very medically cool.

Clockwise from top left: 1. In the Woods 1 , 2. Moroccan Pattern in Gold, 3a. Woven Series, 3b. Cross My Heart, 4. Spun, 5. Dhuri Carpet Black, 6. Dhuri Carpet Gold, 7. Sight Lines. Photos via Bev’s Website.

And some new-ish designs of the Lath & Plaster collection, presumably inspired by Bev’s home renovation where she discovered beauty in the Lath & Plaster exposed walls as her space was transformed. She even had her photographer take some shots which she later hopes to hang on the finishes walls. How innovative and abstract. They make for some modern, yet rustic and earthy pieces.

I have some great finds lined up for the week so stop back and feel free to share with your favorite friends!


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