Words & Art: Summer Scene

long sunny days green leaves fireflies farm fresh blueberry stands brightly colored beach towels thunderstorms rainy afternoons with open windows bbq live music outdoors popsicles bikes independence day parades carousels frisbee fairgrounds lemonade clover juicy drippy watermelon fireworks cotton candy haybales fuzzy peaches breathtaking sunrises cowboy boots cherries sunrises pail o’ seashells overalls fresh wildflowers sprinklers popcorn sparklers roadtrips vintage outdoor photographs bugs hot hot heat blue checkered picnic blankets the sea sangria pitchers fresh artisan bread rollercoasters golf breezy curtains pool days  moss sandy toes homemade fruit tarts charcoal grills deviled eggs long dresses red umbrellas coconut lotion corn on the cob  horse farms  mason jars Moroccan lanterns climbing clematis teeny bikinis temporary tattoos lollipops  ketchup & mustard running laughter dogs sidewalk chalk chips and salsa mojitos cut-off shorts watering cans bare feet chocolate milk fountains hot tamales long slow walks hand-in-hand sunflowers  sunscreen mint julips novels hikes lakehouse kenny chesney ice cubes old rusty fords  skipping river rocks ladybugs  bumblebees  grasshoppers  robins  hummingbirds  tadpoles  frogs  and toads

I love creating artwork using words and fonts. Feel free to create your own descriptive montage like mine and hang in a pretty frame for an affordable, personal touch in your home. However, don’t repeat after me and paste this pretty montage into your WordPress blog where it shrinks to the size of ant text requiring your readers to grab a magnifying glass!  And I encourage you to be more bold with the sizes so your love for “popsicles” is not shouting the loudest! (I might have consumed 4 popsicles in a row last Thursday. Shh.)

In honor of July, the steamy deep-summer month, I’d like to share a cute doggie+flower photo (how could I resist?!) and more importantly, wish my Moto-Man a heartfelt happy birthday. If you have a quick gag reflex, feel free to move on to another blog like DesignMilk, Design*Sponge, Freckled Nest, or Pretty Zoo (where they nevvvver talk about men, wink). Don’t hop over to Pioneer Woman… she’s always gushing about her Marlboro Man and his leather chaps!

But today, I’m swooning over my true love and inspiration. This witty, talented man has changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to explain and I am so proud of him for his sense of self and morals.  He’s goin’ places, mark my words. And he’s encouraging me to give White Tulip and Fresh Cut my all as well, twisting my arm! So very rewarding. Let’s wish him well as he blows out a bunch (ahem!) of candles on his birthday cake. Much love to my summer-born sweetheart!

Quick Edit: Apologies to those who are unable to see the “word art” above in its true font. The pretty all-caps font which graces my screen does not reach everyone. It’s also intended to be in a perfect ol’ square. Shame, formatting, shame. If you are seeing a mumbled mess of Times New Roman and would like to see what I intended, please let me know and I’ll send you an image! Thanks for your understanding!! XO


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