Ree’s Romance

I can’t wait to order this book this afternoon. And I love that I can only find it in hardcover…oh well, gonna have to splurge!  I’m a paper-back snob. While they were heavier, I prefered the crisp, sturdy corners of my high school textbooks to the wrinkly, ripped covers of my workbooks and notebooks. Consequently, it might be no surprise at all that my anti-Kindle side loves a solid, page-flippin’ book and a colorful, embossed book cover which I can place decoratively on my nightstand whilst I read (don’t worry, I suppose I’ll come out of this culture-shock tiff eventually). Ree Drummond is a true inspiration to me as we evidently have the same brain, appetite, and enviable men – more appropriately, a similar idea of what life is all about and how best to enjoy it.

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond

If you’re into the wild west and cookin’ and eatin’ and wee ones and tractors and hay and chaps like me and Ree, you might enjoy her colorful blog covering those fine topics and many more. Enjoy!



One thought on “Ree’s Romance

  1. She is a true inspiration, just like you! It’s part of what is so great having a blog. It’s all about enjoying the opinions and stories shares amongst everyone and you know how to make spaces fresh! But you also add in personal stories that affect your decision and view in life. You and Ree both know how to capture us all and do nothing but want to read more. I can’t wait to read her book!

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