Body Products, The Stylish Sort

If you’re like me, your bathroom isn’t exactly a grand space and you’re workin’ with a measly sliding-door medicine cabinet, a basket perched on the toilet tank, and the scant edges of the bathtub for storage. Oh, did I mention my TP-tower? Indeed, it is pretty cute, though a linen closet would be oh-so-nice. I won’t whine any further, but rather share a cheerful, creative way to tackle the storage problem. It goes along the idea of my ‘If you have a pimple, amp up your eyes‘ approach which I’ve mentioned before. If your space is lacking, small, or drab, distract and draw the attention to that which occupies the space rather than its flaws (and insane population of blue porcelain tile). No covering up – no lipstick on swine – sweet, elusive redirection.

Compagnie De Provence in Fresh Verbena or Wild Rose, $26 | Anthropologie

Choose cute, stylish body products like these (above) from Anthropologie. As long as your option is to display your lotion, shampoo, and perfume, they should double as chic decor (no laughing!).  Hang glass shelves on a blank wall and arrange your colorful, mod products beside a rose-filled bud vase, a small antique mirror, and a vintage jar of cotton balls or Q-tips. Below, I’ve included a photo of some tips from above and a clever little “sewing” box which I use for make-up storage. It even has a handy removable tray and some pockets for brushes. They can be found here (though, apparently the boxes in the store are much, much cuter).
If you’re living with a man who doesn’t put up with a 5 o’clock shadow and he, too, appreciates some vintage style, these antique shaving brushes (below) add a touch of functional charm.

Antique Shave Brush Set, $99 | Relique

Small space? Don’t fret. Work with what you have and follow these tips for instant style and savvy storage.


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