Bunny Bin!

This bunny bin is the perfect spot to stash a box o’ tissues in a nursery or in your family room or anywhere for that matter! I don’t make the rules in your home (unless you insist!). Any normal side of me would insist that this is a nice alternative for an Easter basket, but because its July and I’m not here to tell you things which might have been useful 4 months ago, here are a few unique ways to enjoy this cute accessory any time of year (below photo):

Bunny Bin in Oatmeal Linen, $30 | Hoganfe (www.etsy.com/shop/hoganfe)

Fill with one-sies, nursing blankets, or baby bath products as a thoughtful shower gift.
Store wipes and ointments for a hidden supply on the changing table.
Place a potted plant or flowers inside for display in a window or on a corner table. Soft, playful, & organic.
Store crafting or scrap-booking supplies in reach and in style on your desk or work table.
Fill with home-made mini-muffins, hard candy, or cookies and present as a housewarming gift.


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