Peachy Pick-me-up

Today, MotoMan came home from work feeling pretty drained (and it’s only Monday, the horror!!). I fed him a tasty lunch consisting of leftovers from our delicious patio dinner with some really cool friends. This isn’t usually the case, but the morsels tasted so much better today! I mixed up the saffron/cilantro/lime orzo and black beans with the seasoned chicken and veggies we grilled – it was so light and satisfying on this steamy day, the onset of a week-long heat wave. Extra fresh lime juice gave it some kick and I prepared some of The Bread (Oh, yes.). Still, this lunch didn’t feed MotoMan’s need for energy and cheer. I gave him a cool wash cloth while he rested on the sofa, then I rounded up my red blender and some fruit.

Photo Credit: Lauren Kennedy Photography

I couldn’t let him leave feeling so down, so I made the following smoothie, hoping it would improve his physical slump and his broken mood.

The Loot:
1 Juicy, ripe Farmer’s Market Peach
1 Cup o’ crushed ice
4 Strawberries halved
1 Cup of 2% fresh milk from the farm
A drizzle of sweet honey

Serves: 1 forlorn husband in need of some oomph!
Snazz it up: Serve in icy glasses with a sprig of fresh mint and a small dollop of home-made whipped cream for guests.

What I did in 3 minutes: Blend the ice first, then add the sliced peach, strawberries, and milk. Puree for about 2 minutes, then add the honey and set for 30 seconds more. If you want more peach flavor, add more peach and less strawberries and milk. For added protein and a nutty flavor, throw in some unsalted almonds (about 5). Just as I had hoped, this sweet, juicy smoothie did the trick. Inspired by the effects, I set out to find lovely images of fuzzy peaches and was very successful. The simple image above spoke to me and now I want it in my house. Huge. Framed. Stat.


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