Decor Muerte

When I was 14, I vacationed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was hot. There were exceptionally teeny bikinis. And colorful, dirty favellas. I rode in a rickety van to the top of Corcovado Mountain and stood in awe at Cristo Redentor (Portuguese). But those memories aren’t the only ones calling me back. I cherish one folk museum vividly and fondly. The carved and painted wooden figures, the instruments, and the rustic furniture – each piece was so much more than an object.

This experience influenced my appreciation for symbolism. Decor is deeper than beauty – the significance, presence, and story to be told brings life to a space. Take Dia de los Muertos, a holiday celebrated in Latin America to honor the dead. Morbid thoughts aside, I love this vibrant holiday. In fact, on this day, morbid thoughts are aside. Sugar Skulls, marigolds, crosses, food, and figurines signify remembrance. Skulls of the dead are no longer solemn symbols, draped with darkness and fear. It is truly beautiful and profound – this juxtaposition of death and dancing, pulsing life.

Above, enjoy my hand-picked collection of whimsical objects for your home. Dasher Muerte is my favorite – I laughed out loud. Then I added it to my Christmas wishlist. In July. I digress. Always. Consider them to be daily reminders that life – though, at times dark and solemn, has a way of letting the sun back in again.

The deets (from top Left, clockwise): The Evie Chair, $115 | The Pebworth; Skulls Wallpaper | Beware the Moon; Dasher Muerte, $60 | Mi Vida Creations; Skull Pashmina, $445 | Alexander McQueen; Necklace, $85 | My Salvation; Pillow, $20 | Mi Vida Creations; Tray, $60 | Mexican Sugar Skull; Skull Fabric, $12.50/yard | Mexican Sugar Skull; Framed Day of the Dead Skull, $15 | Emvee; Dispersed Wooden Skull Beads, $5 | The Forest Glenn.


3 thoughts on “Decor Muerte

  1. I loved my spanish teacher in high school. She really made me fall in love with the culture. Dia de Los Muertos was my favorite holiday. Besides always getting a grape creme flavored skull lolly, it was beautiful to see a culture remember those that touched their lives. I’m also reminded of the Eyes Gallery on South St in Philadelphia. It has amazing pieces from around the world but one whole floor is dedicated to this holiday.

    • I tried mightily to find an image of Eyes Gallery… all too teeny on the internet. I need to make a trip into the city and take my own! Maybe a follow-up post in the works!

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