The Refined Raw

It’s rare that I find artists like Sunyata, The Elemental Alchemist, who invoke the following mess of praise: “{gasp} Wow. Consider my mind blown. I’m in puppy love. {swoon}. (Insert lots more ga-ga like this).” Literally, I grabbed one patient MotoMan by the arm and made him revel in every ring in this fab Etsy shop while I gushed. So, when I discover the Sunyata’s of the world – they deserve a bump to to top of my “bloggables” list.

The Elemental Alchemist is such the appropriate name as it perfectly describes the successful integration of soft brushed, raw metals and incredibly colorful stones. Sunyata’s eye for innovative design shows in her unique approach to rebellious shapes and snarly, yet gentle prong settings. Enough from me. Feast your eyes, darlings.

The organic, smooth metal circle containing the wild, edgy quartz above peaked my interest. I love the paradox of her designs. And the colors. And the wearable sculpture. And the natural elements. And may I just mention the composition of the photographs? An artistic eye arranged and captured these mini sculptures. Since this is a blog associated with interiors, let’s find a way to sneak this in. Ok, here goes. Go to Pottery Barn. Find this jewelry box. Display new quartz ring collection. Done. Storage, jewelry, and art.

They remind me of something my mother would have designed if she practiced metal-smithing today – modern, raw, restless, yet somehow refined. (Hi, Mom!) They’re just… delicious eye candy. Mm. /star-stuck babbling.


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