Fresh Take: Guest Bedroom by the Sea

“Peace – that was the other name for home.”  Kathleen Norris

Today’s Fresh Take features a cottage guest room which bears truth to Kathleen’s words above. The simplicity and practicality of this space are embodied in the wood walls, the casual flowers, and the unpretentious linens. This space is perfect for its purpose.

Photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Title/Source: Guest Bedroom, Coasting Living
First Impression: Serenity achieved.
Mood+Feel: This space is cozy and soothing. Perfect for a night’s rest.
Function: A quaint retreat in which to drift off after a long day at the beach.
Why I love it: The neutrals don’t appear colorless! Instead, I see so many subtle hues of green, yellow, and even lilac in the plank walls. Also, that little chair adds so much charm.
What works: The designer didn’t overdo it with art and accents in this space. Instead, hints of color and pattern in the bedding (love the yellow in the throw pillow!), fixtures, and flowers compliment the texture of the walls.
Room for Improvement: I had to get picky with the staging since there’s, well, nothing I’d add or remove. This scene is a little too casually messy. The flopped pillow and the draped wrap?
Sustainable Style: This style can be adapted using organic bamboo, cotton, and linen fabrics for the bedding. Even better, relieve strain on the environment by mixing collections you already own!
Features: The wrought-iron twin beds are similar to Restoration Hardware’s French Academie bed which I featured earlier this summer in my post Blissful Beds. They add a sturdy, yet delicate and gate-like element to the space, juxtaposed nicely with the soft bedding.
Get this look: The bed is above, but I wanted to find you some affordable and similar accents. Here goes in 3 parts! 1. Accent pillow, 2. Organic Bedding in dusty, drift-wood hues, and 3. Mini Chair like this one with storage below.


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