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We interrupt our regular Santa Fe Week broadcast to bring you great news: an entire year of attainable Sticks. That’s right. You heard me correctly. One year. Sticks. $18. Jackpot. And done. (Skipping off to my first Sticks-aholic Anonymous meeting!)

Here’s the handy candy landy link: Sticks Calendizzle!!

And since it’s August for about 26 more hours…it’s only appropriate as a teaser.



Jewelry of the West: Patina Gallery & More!

Western jewelry has been on my radar since circa 2001, when my mom and I found a slew of rings, necklaces, and bracelets at Rice’s Market in Bucks County. You can imagine my excitement when my mom shared her enthusiasm about gallery-hopping while in Santa Fe. I trust that New Mexico has authentic finds that we simply don’t see much on the East Coast and after obsessively researching Patina Gallery in historic downtown Santa Fe, I became mesmerized with their unique, artistic collections; some items shared below. Gallery owners Ivan and Allison Barnett bring the pieces of truly talented designers and artists to their inspired visitors.

And how charming is this little equation? Click on it for an introduction to the great minds that keep the gallery full of really fab, western treasures!

I’m bringing you the top 3 pieces that completely wow’d me.

“Posidonia” Necklace of Oxidized Silver & Coral, Click Image for Information

This necklace, by artist Enric Majoral, is the perfect marriage of dancing metal and sleek, natural coral. I especially love the play on planes as the metal pieces rest perpendicular to your skin. This adds incredible depth, movement, and visual interest. I’m fairly in love with the coordinating earrings as well.

“Trefoil Knot” Bracelet, Click image for information

To see a natural, hard material like wood all smooth and twisty and layered is so rare. The beauty is in the innovative approach and ready-to-wear art, uh, er – jewelry. I love it when I mix the two up. That’s a successful piece.

“Hydrangea” Post Earrings, Click image for information

These delicate and oh-so-3D earrings are sweet and happy. They are so well-designed and capture the nature of flowers so well. I’d wear these and I can name about 7 of my girlfriends who would, too.

While I decided to feature Patina Gallery for my jewelry post, there are several other wonderful art and jewelry galleries in Santa Fe. Below are some clickable-images of galleries featuring jewelry of the West. I’ll share the art later on today! As always, enjoy and be inspired.

Artful Attire: Back at the Ranch

Tucked away in an adobe-style building with fabulous pops of color (the blue windows and the red bull – love!), Back at the Ranch is a western boutique full of gorgeous cowboy boots and accessories. They are located in Santa Fe’s historic downtown area on East Marcy Street.  Back at the Ranch greets visitors with a warm “Howdy” (literally, the neon sign is hard to miss and oh-so-charming) and many beautiful boots to admire, try on for fit, and purchase. Ah, the scent of leather boots…swoon. And onward. The handmade quality is rare and boasts not only unique style, but a long life. I love their bold use of color and attention to detail. Boots with butterflies to skulls to patriotic flags, studs, and chiles – they’ve got something [amazing] for everyone!

Below I’m sharing my hand-picked favorites, but judging from the photo above, it seems they have many more in store than what I was able to snag from their website. Enjoy, cowboys and pioneer wild-women!

Monet Collection in Red

Design Your Own Collection, I Love Chiles

Skull Collection, Bad to the Bone

Equestrian Boot in Orange

Gypsy Rose in Black and Pink

Oh, and their lovely jewelry by designer D & A Jewelry Designs. Designer Demian Vazquez takes detail and meaning to an appealing, artistic level with these metal pieces. Here’s a taste!

D & A Designs, Skull Tags

I can’t wait to try on my size 8 “I Love Chiles” Boots, Mom! Wink wink!!! Enjoy your visit to this leathery shop while you’re staying in Santa Fe! And to Back at the Ranch, wonderful shop – so honored to gush about everything…


Intro: Santa Fe Week

Next week is officially “Sante Fe Week” on my blog!  My parents are going on a romantic getaway this fall and I’m excited for them, so I’m taking next week to share some Navajo/Pueblo/Santa Fe styles and cultural influences with you. I’ve been dreaming of visiting the wild west for some time now. After hearing how inspirational it was to artist Sonia Semone and reading up on Design*Sponge’s useful city guide – oh, and Googling it a lot – I’m even more drawn to the Native American culture, history, and art. You can imagine how well I plan to research and report come next Monday! See below for the line-up. (Like my festive pueblo colors?)

Artful Attire: Back at the Ranch
Art and Mentionable Galleries of Santa Fe
Jewelry of the West: Patina Gallery & More.

Whimsical Wednesdauy: Santa Fe Edition
Daily Inspiration: Architecture of New Mexico
Design for Mind, Body, and Soul: Pueblo Culture

Furniture and Finishes of the Wild West
Palette Pleasers: Eats with Style

Avocados in Watercolor

This painting of a halved avocado is such a perfect representation of this tasty vegetable. Is it me or does produce unfailingly make some of the best subjects for art? Some garlic-y, lime-y, smooth, spicy guacamole would have nicely accompanied my writing this evening… and a margarita. With salt.

Avocado Art Print by Israel-based artist Yael Berger via Etsy

Summer is winding down, but my love for fresh farmer’s market loot is still full-speed ahead! Enjoy! (And sorry for makin’ ya drool!)

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Fresh Cut Feng Shui: Part 1

Introduction: When it comes to the allure of Feng Shui, you’ll find many theories, sources, and rules out there in the great online ocean. I’m breaking ’em down and adding some tips to attaining serenity in your space. I’m beginning with Part 1 which focuses on Intention, Mood, and Organization. I decided to break my original rules into two parts as the whole organization portion is very time-consuming and zen-thirsty in itself. Rather than dive-in, let’s make this a soothing dip. I also believe it is very important to do this part correctly the first time (tried and true – as someone I know <cough> and not me <cough> hurried, gave up, and made a bigger mess! Again, never me. Someone I know…).

Part 1:  Intention, Mood, and Organization

Fresh Cut Feng Shui Rule #1: Gently admit to yourself that your wacky, dated, uninspiring, slightly-messy home might benefit from a little ruthless purging. Decide “why” you want to clear your life and home before you approach the “how” of this change. And don’t overwhelm yourself with shame or the task will seem stressful, daunting, and punishing in nature. Clutter happens.  We all have closets, drawers, and crawl spaces full o’ things we don’t really want others to see. Ever.

Fresh Cut Feng Shui Rule #2: Don’t rush – enjoy the process or you’ll spin your wheels (see ‘my’ personal account of failed Feng Shui above). You’re increasing your flow of energy by clearing your space of busy distraction and roadblocks. Feng Shui, which stems from wind and water, is designed to send un-used items and stale air on their way! Open some windows if a beautiful breeze is ‘a blowin’, open your mind, and [pry] open your CD-case (which you will be donating after transferring your tunes onto your fancy new external hard-drive, right? Right?). Keep your spirits and motivation positive with nature and music. I can’t decide if I want to suggest soothing jazz or upbeat pop. You choose what works for you, okay? I have found that country music annoys me and makes me want to run. I can’t explain why my favorite genre just doesn’t cut it, however.

Fresh Cut Feng Shui Rule #3: Organize with organization. Devise an organizational outline of where items will eventually go (i.e. yard sale, good will, trash, recycling, etc.) and where they will be stored until they reach their destination (i.e. The 3 B’s: boxes, bins, and bags?). Sort. Label. Condense.

Fresh Cut Feng Shui Rule #4: Be ruthless. Do you need to save every paper bank statement since before college? I don’t even want to look at my statements from college. The shredder is your friend. If your relationship with your shredder becomes rocky, meet your relationship therapist, the scanner. Compromise. On objects: do you use this item? Does it have sentimental value? Did you even know you had it? Have you missed it? Will you?  If the answers are “no,” whether hesitant or solid, Poof! Sayanara! Happy Trails! Pleased to meet you, clarity.

Fresh Cut Feng Shui Rule #5: Donate with intention and generosity. Throwing away perfectly functional items invokes guilt which is not a very zen-emotion. Knowing your items are off to a good cause or a better home will bring calm and relief on its own.

Fresh Cut Feng Shui Rule #6: Keep things you do use, but put them back in order and good condition. Wash, iron, fold, and lint-roll your clothing and bedding. Organize by season and keep access to these items clear. Don’t shove christmas lights into a bag, rather – wind them up neatly or you’ll be cursing yourself all the way to the North Pole come the holidays. Clean the area before you stow said boxes: under your bed, in the cabinet, under the sink, your closet shelf, your basement storage room, the list goes on…and on. Invest in neutral bins and boxes. Invest in matching hangers. Invest in visually pleasing order.

Bonus step that will make you feel oh-so-savvy: color-coordinate things like wrapping paper and ribbon, books, dishes, office supplies, and linens. Stack and stow things like pots, pans, and bowls with size order in mind.

Fresh Cut Feng Shui Rule #7 Designate a room for sorting. Having a central organizational zone will prevent you from becoming distracted and distraught! I use my guest room or my big dining room table depending on the floor (and yes, I work by floor or room!). I take everything that doesn’t belong in a space and remove it. Instant zen, now let’s get to business on this pile!

Fresh Cut Feng Shui Rule #8: After returning from the goodwill, enjoying a glass of white wine, and a good night’s (or week’s) sleep, gather your cleaning products, vacuum cleaner, and buckets. Get ready for Part 2 of my compilation which covers Cleaning, Clearing, and Coordinating.

Some recommended books on organization and Feng Shui (Click on the image for link!):



Sweet Anticipation

I’m so excited for tomorrow’s and Friday’s posts. I’ve compiled a 2-part post on … Oh, wait – I’m not spilling it now! But some hints just for you: one verbal and one pictorial. Can you guess?

Soft, flowing, soothing, uninhibited, calm, restful, dancing, refreshing, crystal-clear water.

And the photo..

I already have 2 guesses and they’re wrong, wrong, wrong! Time to do a little fall cleaning.. That’s it! No more subtle hints!

Fab-o Frugal!

Hot colors. Hot textures. Hot space. I love this image I borrowed from Pinterest this morning. The best part? Many of the items seen in the room can be found at Target. This is picture perfect proof that gorgeous, comfortable, and inspirational design doesn’t always carry a hefty price tag. I can also spot a few items you could cut from your own garden or snag in your local thrift store. If you don’t believe in limits, they won’t hold you back! Happy designing.

Living space via Pinterest

“I believe that happiness is something we create.” – Sugarland
Have a beautiful day!

Blissful Beds 2: The Headboards

While I blog about whatever I darn well please, I am so very grateful for your feedback and requests – they inspire me to blog about what pleases you. You loved my post titled “Blissful Beds” (found all neatly tucked in here) so very much so I’m sharing more! The “love” headboard below was a fan-favorite so “Part 2” is a compilation of the most fab DIY headboards. After seeking more “you-build-it” beauties, I found that when it’s DIY anything goes. Each piece below stems from a unique concept and all of them break a few rules. Tulip Tip: Click on the images for directions/source! Be inspired, friends..

The headboard you all loved to pieces | via Shelterness

The Fanciful Headboard (Really as easy as pushing your bed up to a non-functioning fireplace? Or build your own. Love this. Careful!)

Mantle Headboard, via A Fanciful Twist (See Blogroll)

The Dreamy Headboard (This is an incredible work of DIY art – use as a headboard or hang in your living room! Just conceal those cords!)

Illuminated Headboard with LED's in 2x4 constructed box | via DIYideas.com

The Soft, Simple Headboard (Adorably clever!)

Cushion + Ledge Headboard | via Modernests

The 2D Headboard (Very mod. I love this idea with a bright wall color like the chartreuse shown below! Click the photo for the template!)

Wall Stencil Headboard | via Good Housekeeping

The Natural Headboard (The wild pieces, the height variations, the texture – earthy and stylish.)

Driftwood Headboard | via Apartment Therapy

So, what is your headboard personality? I’m particular to the sparkly lights. They are soft, romantic, subtle, and special.
Have a restful weekend design fans!

Glass Bathtub!?!

Glathtub, if you will. C’mon.. help me coin this term. You know it’s clever [and/or cheesy].

Ok, so being familiar with the amazing creations in the design world, I’m not that shocked. Blown away, but not in complete disbelief. Very cool. Enjoy some avant garde practicality on your soggy Thursday afternoon.

via Pinterest, Apartment Therapy