Fine Art Feature: Sonia Semone

A few weeks ago, I featured a sizzling painting by the spirited, Texan artist Sonia Semone in my post titled: Wild Happy. Many of you raved and asked for more! I have been eager to debut a new feature for some time now spotlighting the works of hardworking, creative artists. This post of Fine Art Feature is perfect for the kick-off and I am so honored to have Sonia over to Fresh Cut Spaces for a brief interview. We’re sharing a few existing and new works. Below the photos – a chat with the artist!

January Blue, Acrylic on 24 x 30 Gallery Wrapped Canvas | Sonia Semone

Blue Clover (Inspired by a visit to New Mexico!), Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas Sonia Semone

Pine Beach, Metal Mixed Media | Sonia Semone

Sari, Acrylic on 24 x 24 Gallery Wrapped Canvas | Sonia Semone

Fresh Cut Spaces: Where do you find inspiration for your abstract pieces? 
Sonia Semone: My main focus is color palette. With that said, I find inspiration in color combos I see in the world.  It could be a red bird with the sky in the background, or a tire track against a grainy gray road.  I have become more reductive as the years have gone on.  It may have something to do with the shift in times and technology, everything being so fast paced.  A need to be more concise, simple, clear.
FCS: Have you traveled anywhere that had a particular influence on you and your expression?
SS: Oh yes.  I absolutely love to travel.  It is one of my most favorite things.  Traveling is an art in itself.  I was really inspired when I returned home from Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Not only due to the fact that art is revered so much in that part of the country, but also the beauty of the place itself.  Everything pulses to a different beat there.  The scenery, the architecture, the food – it is all breathtaking.  When I came back I found myself using bright, happy blocks of color.
FCS: What is the most unusual technique you’ve incorporated into the creation of your paintings?
SS: I now paint on plexiglass.  The process is actually painting reverse.  Because of this I am more deliberate with my brushstrokes, I have to be, you cannot paint over your mistakes.  What you see as the finished product is actually the back of the piece [which] then becomes the front.  It lends itself to being very modern in nature, as well as being shiny.  Being shiny might be the real reason I choose to do it.
FCS: What is your personal interior style?
SS: I really like modern… Simple, comfortable, modern with a use of fine materials.  I find you do not have to have a huge space to have a wonderful space.  I also collect art.  I think it is very important to have original art in one’s home.
FCS: Who is your favorite artist? Do you have any of their work in your home or studio?
SS: I like lots of artists.  I am in love with Cy Twombly. He just passed away at 88.  What a gift to the world he was.  I certainly wish I had a piece of his.  A modern day artist, whom I also am very fond of is Kris Lewis.  I was fortunate enough to purchase a piece of work from him before he launched in a big way. It was a portrait of me for an anniversary present.  I love the piece and am so happy to have it.
FCS: And, just because its important and completely relevant, what’s on your iPhone these days?
Ha ha!  Ok. Facebook!  I am addicted.  Words with Friends.  I am addicted.  Pictures of food.  I love to cook, and doubly, I love to eat.  Pandora Station: Felix da Housecat.  And of course my email 🙂
Sonia, a warm thank you for taking the time to grace us with your insight, wit, and inspiration. Your newest pieces on Plexi have so much presence – I’m so happy to introduce them to my design-hungry readers!
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