Light Show: Lindsey Adelman

New York City-based lighting designer, Lindsey Adelman, caught my eye a few months ago when my art-savvy aunt shared her work with me. Lindsey’s incredible works have been featured in publications such as Nylon, Elle Decor, and Town & Country and for good reason. These fresh and edgy fixtures are purely functional sculpture. Lindsey grew from a crafty childhood, into a passion for literature, and through an education in industrial design, all of which influenced her subsequent experimentation and the pieces you’ll enjoy below. Here’s the elusive artist, Lindsey!

Lindsey’s creations stem from a culmination of inspirational paradoxes “combining the hand-crafted with the machine-made, the sensual with the practical, and the feminine with the masculine.” As a designer, I am constantly seeking and discovering new concepts and combinations. If I’ve learned just one thing: When thinking outside the box meets practicality, beautifully innovative interiors are born.

Wasp, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo

Burst, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo

Bubble, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo | Interior Design by Nathan Eagan

I love the subtle, yet bright presence in the corner of this space. They catch the eye without stealing the show.

Rope Light, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo

Agnes Electro 10 Chandelier, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo

This last photo shows a space with successful style through the juxtaposition of rustic and modern. The natural materials, the lines, the clean white walls, and the movement of Lindsey’s chandelier lend themselves harmoniously to a balanced kitchen and dining space. I often tell my clients and design fans alike that the key to a dynamic atmosphere is variation. Variation in finishes, height, color, and texture. Lindsey’s fixtures embody this very concept and whether it’s your thing or not, her aesthetic is certainly captivating and unique.


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