The Chair Files: Rocker

“Art resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic.” – Charles Eames

A traditional antique rocking chair, with a touch of formal-wear… I’m constantly blown away with the creative minds of furniture designers and artists. Any chance to share their pieces with the world – I’m all over it!

Antique Rocking Chair, $150 | Etsy: Leigh Ryan

Detail of hand-woven necktie seat.

Chair: Antique Rocking Chair with Necktie Seat
By: Leigh Ryan via her shop, Brambleberry Designs on Etsy
Use: Rocking gently on a soulful, summer porch
Materials+Features: Looking for sustainable? Leigh takes the impact off the environment by re-purposing an old, rustic chair and a collection of neckties. The colorful pattern created looks so sharp next to the rustic, painted wood frame.
Notable: Leigh’s balance of warm and cool colors is perfect. She took the finished look into consideration so as to not end up with a block of blue!
Fresh Cut Take: If you are a lover of both tradition and innovation, this classic chair with an eccentric twist is the perfect addition to your patio or porch. But keep it out of the rain and sleet!
Rating: 3 out of 3 tulips for ingenuity!


Happy lounging design friends!


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