An Evening in the Sticks

A typical day with your Sticks collection…

After a delicious meal of string beans and hamburgers on the grill, it’s time to settle in and watch a movie while the sun goes down. Your babies are in their jammies. Your kitchen is clean. And your honey is by your side. No worries in the world.. It’s time for some relaxation.

You reach for your worn-out, 100-button remote control (clicker, if you will) from its pretty box on the coffee table. There is something sticky on the “Menu” button.. Alas, your babies are full-bellied, bathed, and playing quietly on the floor. You close the lid and nestle up next to your sweetie.

It’s 4 minutes in and you’re craving popcorn and wine. “Pause”. You man the popcorn while you’re man mans the wine. To keep from splattering the remote, you place your sustenance on your favorite tray.

Then you weep tears all over said tray, now craving chocolate cake… for some reason. Wooden, 2D torture cake. Sigh.

As you’re sinking into your cozy spot, one of your wee one’s asks how tall you are. Followed by how tall they are. Then, they dart up the stairs and wait for you beside their growth chart. “Mom! Mommmmm! Mommy! Mom! Mom!”

“Pause”. x2

Once upstairs, you announce each height as wee ones push and squeal. You are grateful that they’re just tall enough to decorate the middle of the Christmas tree this year, but not tall enough to smuggle $7 bottles from your wine rack.

Finally settling back¬†into your nook with your patiently waiting husband, you realize the kids didn’t follow you. They went straight to bed. Without arguing. And they matched the socks in the laundry basket before doing so. And their teeth are brushed. And there’s no paste on the mirror.

So you light some candles

..bring out your box of hidden candy…

..sip your wine, press play, stow the remote, and revel in your hours of you time.

The end.


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