Ye Olde Apothecary Cupboard

One of my favorite antique treasures is the apothecary cupboard. Apothecaries were mentioned often in English literature such as Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet while today’s modern “apothecary” is the sterile pharmacy tucked in the back of your local drugstore. Yawn. The romanticized apothecary of the 15th through 18th centuries provided elixirs, herbs, poisons, and remedies as well as birthing advice and care. The small drawers characteristic of the apothecary cupboard were used to store and sort small quantities of such herbs and medicines. Today, the most practical modern use for the many tiny drawers of apothecary cupboards is storage of small items such as ribbons, buttons, coins, and crafts.

As a fresh (yet old!) alternative for a jumbled catch-all drawer or basket, this piece of furniture lends itself to organization in style. Place as a console table in the foyer with a tray on top for keys and a small vase of wildflowers in summer or holly berries in winter.

12 Drawer Cupboard, $200 | Red Rooster Bed & Breakfast

And a few smaller variations of this useful, lovely rustic piece… Great for apartments, small spaces, and offices, too!

8-Drawer Cupboard, $160 | Red Rooster Bed & Breakfast

And many pretty colors (more on the site!) like these:

Happy organizing!


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