Virtual Visit: McQueen at the Met

I am so very bummed that I missed out on Savage Beauty, an exhibition of my favorite [late, *tear] designer! I discovered this exhibition 2 days before it closed, but we’re in luck because these photos capture the movement, ingenuity, and feminine rebelliousness that is the fashion of Alexander McQueen. You might have seen my post drooling all over a hot pink skull scarf last month. You might have also seen a second post drooling all over that scarf’s sister in a fan-favorite follow-up post, Decor Muerte.

Well, you’re getting more McQueen. Because I can’t begin to explain the connection between fashion and interior design, I’m gonna woo you with pictures and save that for a rainy afternoon.

Click on the last photo and hopefully (please alert me if it doesn’t) you will be routed to the exhibition portion of the Met’s website. In the meantime, I hope these wow you!

The movement, texture, and the Tim Burton-esque vibe make my fashion-lovin' heart flutter.

The dress that Sarah Jessica wore, making me fall in love. The dress that started it all... for me.

Oooo la la la la... I envy the model who drifted down the runway in this memorable piece.

This silhouette is so classic, yet so mod.


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