Blissful Beds 2: The Headboards

While I blog about whatever I darn well please, I am so very grateful for your feedback and requests – they inspire me to blog about what pleases you. You loved my post titled “Blissful Beds” (found all neatly tucked in here) so very much so I’m sharing more! The “love” headboard below was a fan-favorite so “Part 2” is a compilation of the most fab DIY headboards. After seeking more “you-build-it” beauties, I found that when it’s DIY anything goes. Each piece below stems from a unique concept and all of them break a few rules. Tulip Tip: Click on the images for directions/source! Be inspired, friends..

The headboard you all loved to pieces | via Shelterness

The Fanciful Headboard (Really as easy as pushing your bed up to a non-functioning fireplace? Or build your own. Love this. Careful!)

Mantle Headboard, via A Fanciful Twist (See Blogroll)

The Dreamy Headboard (This is an incredible work of DIY art – use as a headboard or hang in your living room! Just conceal those cords!)

Illuminated Headboard with LED's in 2x4 constructed box | via

The Soft, Simple Headboard (Adorably clever!)

Cushion + Ledge Headboard | via Modernests

The 2D Headboard (Very mod. I love this idea with a bright wall color like the chartreuse shown below! Click the photo for the template!)

Wall Stencil Headboard | via Good Housekeeping

The Natural Headboard (The wild pieces, the height variations, the texture – earthy and stylish.)

Driftwood Headboard | via Apartment Therapy

So, what is your headboard personality? I’m particular to the sparkly lights. They are soft, romantic, subtle, and special.
Have a restful weekend design fans!


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