Baby Steps to New Stairs

We’re planning on making over our stairs in the near future and this includes breaking out the palm sander and ordering <are you ready for it> wallpaper. I’ve never personally used wallpaper (with the exception of removing it) so I’m really excited to try it. I always thought wallpaper was un-cool, dated – something our mom’s moms embraced from the fifties through the eighties. Opening doors in our home to dutch scenes layered on faux wood grain wallpaper only proved my point. However, as a designer, I’ve learned to embrace wallpaper and vinyl wallcovering for it’s durability, affordability, and well – you’ll never believe it – style. Yes, I admit. Wallpaper is now “cool” in my book.

The wall we’re accenting is visible from the first floor, so selecting a fun pattern was a no-brainer to add visual interest and unite the two stories. We kept it subtle to avoid a huge block of bright color yelling to us as we entertain in the dining room. The current steps will be stripped, sanded, and refreshed with crisp white risers and dark-finished wood treads to match our railing and mirrored coat closet door on the landing. (I’m glad I didn’t post this a year ago when I originally tried to start.. now that would be quite a stretch between the before and after!) In searching for some how-to’s and inspiration, I rounded up some pretty stair ideas below! Enjoy!

"Before" / "Current" Stairs (Yellow wall is receiving pretty wallpaper!)

The vent to nowhere (literally, we use it to talk between the basement and the first floor) remains a challenge in need of a solution.. /sigh

Dotted Paisley, by Candice Olson via Yorkwall

Can you picture it? Here are some pretty staircases that inspired me after I finished the design and received the appropriate spousal approval. Since we’re equals and all when it comes to interior design… wink wink.

Stairs with patterned risers, via Case Sugar

Stairs with black-painted banister, via Houzz

Stairs with landing, via Danielle Oakey Interiors

Stairs, via Design Is My Muse

Patterned Risers, via Urban Comfort

Numbered risers, via The Good House

Colorful stair runner, via Planet Deco

Hope you’ve enjoyed and feel free to contact me with interest in doing this for me while I watch you and listen to Adele from my sofa.


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