The LoveSac is a Little Old Place…

…we can get together!! About 8 months ago, I discovered the casual, yet fabulous comfort of LoveSac. The name initially creeped both me and my client out, but once this wonderful and versatile cushion-y chair-rocker-y thing was in her home, we both agreed, it is worth the weird looks. Also, professionally speaking, I’m not allowed to acknowledge any degree of “goofiness” when it comes to shapes of desks in plan, pillow chair names, or the like. Unless the client begs me to acknowledge. Which happens all too often.. And I promise I’m a good sport. (Giggle) (Darn you, Pioneer Woman!!)

We selected the Pillow Sac in “King Phur” for her children’s playroom. I’d post some photos of the actual space, but we have some finishing touches to accomplish before showing it off. Naturally, when this monster arrived, it was incredibly huge and awkward. Once the insert was sealed up all pretty in the cover and placed on the rocker, it looked a little something like this.

Photo courtesy of

But, like – not nearly this bright grape-juicy color. It’s more of a subtle, royal, less-shiny purple without a halogen spotlight exposing every last fiber.  I promise.

It looks really sharp with freshly painted walls in Timothy Straw (Benjamin Moore). This next image illustrates the refreshing, yet neutral hue. In the playroom, it looks gorgeous with the dark wood floors and white trim. Swoon. Word on the street is that the kids seem to dig it as well. Hooray!

Timothy Straw | My Cup Overflowing


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