Winter… Ahem! FALL Renovation Update

Hello friends!

MotoMan and I have been working hard these past few months improving our lives professionally, re-vamping our home, teaching wee-ones how to swim, and organizing/nesting. Travelling’s coming soon, too! We’ve just established a winter-home improvement plan of attack. After working all fall on the front of our house, MM and I are moving things indoors to avoid frostbite. We removed the old, old, old aluminum awning and siding. We chopped down and pulled out the huge hedges out front. And we drank wine and Sailor Jerry rum when things got crazy. (Not together). MM restored the brackets (corbels, if you will) and painted them a lovely shade of blue. He restored & painted the paneling and porch windows. Then sanded, stripped, and repainted the front door and hardware and is now putting brand new lumber over the ledge. Next week – rebuilding front steps painted to match. I can’t wait to share before/after photos in the next few weeks. Though the landscaping is spring’s task. Sorry, gardeners.

Adios to everything in this photo except for Dixie!!

A few unexpected happenings (aka life) have scooted into our schedule including:

1. One day, when reaching to open the old wood bilco door, the handle remained gripped while the door stayed in place. Thank you hurricanes of the middle Atlantic! Rebuilt bilco door with new lumber, caulked, primed, and painted. It’s a pretty blue to match the planter he built for me this spring. I’d take photos, but they’re covered with snow. Yep, look at my post date.

2. New clients, new jobs, new promotions, new career directions and tests… sorry housey-poo.. less time for you.

3. Basement mini-flood and subsequent airing out of space. Ick. On the bright side, the floor’s clean!

4. Leaves falling. Yardwork calling. (One could argue that this should be expected. We were in la-la land apparently.)

5. Random fall snowstorm. Broken branches. Cold mess. Mud. Broken plants. Dead mums. Hidden pumpkins. General flake-induced destruction.

Plan of Attack:

Plastic-off a portion of the first floor next weekend, jam our furniture into the dining room, and roll up our sleeves! Re-finishing stairs as mentioned right here, wall-papering stair wall as also mentioned there, and [story of our lives] Sand/Spackle/Scrape/Prime/Paint our lovely living room (Churchill Navajo White, duh).  Come January – dun dun dun…. the powder room/first floor laundry room. <cringe> The wonderful thing about first floor laundry is that I will probably never go down to the basement again. Until we move. Hehe. Hey, they call it a man-cave for a reason.

Dear visitors,

Sorry in advance. Don’t wear nice clothes. Beer is welcome. Pardon our dust. And please be ok with sitting in a fold-up camp chair if you drop by.

Love, Us

Back to work! Chop! Chop!


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