Fall Beauty, in photos

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.”
Emily Bronte

All photos from Terrain at Styers, our wonderfully charming neighbors.

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Color Me Happy: Watercolor

These paintings are beautiful to look at as the sun is setting around me. They come alive and have a whimsical, yet refined nature. I couldn’t resist a quick post with a few of Michelle Morin’s pieces from her Esty Shop United Thread: Paintings and Illustration.  The colors are vibrant, yet somehow rustic, subtle and gentle. The gorgeous collection can be found by clicking any of the images below and I encourage you to do so. As always, enjoy.

Chicken With Feathered Feet

I love the chicken for a kitchen, the lobster for a New England dining nook, the beehive for a child’s room, and the flamingos for a sassy guest room. The morning dove amongst the hydrangeas is soothing. And the whale pod intrigues me.

Spiny Lobster


All the Single Ladies

Mourning Dove, Hydrangeas, and Snow Drops

Whale Pod

All images are from Michelle’s online shop and represent archival prints for sale.

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Wednesday Whimsy: Polite Pillows

These fun-shaped pillows need to be in my home. And your home. Let’s order together, shall we?

All squishy pillows can be found and instantly ordered at Yellow Heart Art on Esty (and Facebook, and Twitter!). I’m diggin’ these as holiday gifts, a cute surprise for your husband-wife-galfriend-guyfriend-furryfriend-best friend-old friend-new friend-grandma, or as a finishing touch to your otherwise snooze-worthy bed. Leonora is the owner and creative mind behind these fun pillows. And she has good taste, too. This necklace popped up on her list of Etsy faves, so I’m sure of it. Besides makin’ perty pillows and other wares, Leonora blogs about adorable stuff and her own goofy adventures. So happy I found her! You should, too! See funky, fun pillows below. Undies & Love, Scooter… Snap!

The Elements of Nature

Bringing natural objects into the home is a sure way to add soothing, rustic, and familiar charm to a space. As humans, we are thirsty for a connection with nature. Naturally, when autumn transitions to winter and the days become shorter, we’re spending less time outdoors doing the wild things we love. During the holidays we decorate with colorful leaves, pumpkins, corn husks, pine cones, red berries, and greens. Below are a few inspiring new ways to incorporate nature into your home. Enjoy all year long. | Click images for info/links where available

Succulents Framed via Better Homes & Gardens

Homemade Driftwood Branch Lamp via Design*Sponge

DIY Wolf Den Coatrack via WordPress

Starfish Mirror via Pinterest

Grass in Reclaimed Walnut Table by Emily Wettstein

Handmade Felt Acorns via Mikio Design

Seashell Wreath via Home Stories A to Z (click photo for how-to!)

Pressed Leaves in Frames via Design*Sponge (click photo for how-to!)

The beautiful greens bring fresh life into your space even if they’re pressed in a frame (or growing from a frame!). The acorns, while made of felt, add a hint of organic charm and the coat hooks bring function with old branches. I love that the seashell wreath could be made from a shore trip shell collection, hand-picked and reminiscent of a summer vacation without looking “beachy” or out of place in your inland home. Just a few reasons to love nature indoors. I hope you were inspired. It was highly difficult to limit myself with this post… might need to create a follow-up!