Wednesday Whimsy: Polite Pillows

These fun-shaped pillows need to be in my home. And your home. Let’s order together, shall we?

All squishy pillows can be found and instantly ordered at Yellow Heart Art on Esty (and Facebook, and Twitter!). I’m diggin’ these as holiday gifts, a cute surprise for your husband-wife-galfriend-guyfriend-furryfriend-best friend-old friend-new friend-grandma, or as a finishing touch to your otherwise snooze-worthy bed. Leonora is the owner and creative mind behind these fun pillows. And she has good taste, too. This necklace popped up on her list of Etsy faves, so I’m sure of it. Besides makin’ perty pillows and other wares, Leonora blogs about adorable stuff and her own goofy adventures. So happy I found her! You should, too! See funky, fun pillows below. Undies & Love, Scooter… Snap!


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