Color Me Happy: Watercolor

These paintings are beautiful to look at as the sun is setting around me. They come alive and have a whimsical, yet refined nature. I couldn’t resist a quick post with a few of Michelle Morin’s pieces from her Esty Shop United Thread: Paintings and Illustration.  The colors are vibrant, yet somehow rustic, subtle and gentle. The gorgeous collection can be found by clicking any of the images below and I encourage you to do so. As always, enjoy.

Chicken With Feathered Feet

I love the chicken for a kitchen, the lobster for a New England dining nook, the beehive for a child’s room, and the flamingos for a sassy guest room. The morning dove amongst the hydrangeas is soothing. And the whale pod intrigues me.

Spiny Lobster


All the Single Ladies

Mourning Dove, Hydrangeas, and Snow Drops

Whale Pod

All images are from Michelle’s online shop and represent archival prints for sale.

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