[Not so] Straight-as-an-arrow: Stripes

“On the straight and narrow path,
You need to learn to bend..” – Jake Owen

When I think stripes, I think streamline, classic, structured, and directional. I love when stripes are used outside of the box with whimsy and purpose. And I love when stripes aren’t so literal – think “chevron” and “zebra-print”. I love when they change direction, when they add height, and when they add just a touch of pattern without appearing too busy.

Some excellent, inspirational stripes…

Stripes in Stairwell, a gorgeous foyer | via HGTV.com

Chunky Stripes | via Erin Ever After

Stripes on Bedspread | via Country Living

Stripes Outdoors | via Pinterest / Tumblr

Zig-Zag Stripes - Chevron | via Decor Pad

Safari Stripe - Zebra Rug in a classic space | via Simply Grove

Chevron Stripe as Back Upholstery | 6th Street Design School

There is not enough room in the month to feature stripes, so this shall be a two-part-er.

Until next stripe, enjoy.


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