In my last post, I accidently titled it “Cart Art”. In an effort to amend the situation, I got all techie and fixed it fast. Not fast enough for my email subscribers who must have been SO excited to see sculptures made from shopping carts.

Never to disappoint, I found some for you. Enjoy!

You know you love this. They say the best lessons are learned from mistakes. The best art is found in the same manner. All photos courtesy of Master Blog.

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Card Art

Hello crafty, sentimental design friends!

I’m finishing up my bright home office and cannot wait to share. While the paint dries on my shelves and my rug scoots through the mail, I’m making some finishing touches using items I had on hand and one $0.50 splurge from the thrift store. Having saved greeting cards from just about every occasion – they’re too pretty to toss! – I’ve been hoping to use a few as art. For those that aren’t suitable for all-year-’round framing but I love dearly, I tuck neatly away in my bins o’ memories. Each January, I tie my stack of Christmas cards in a festive ribbon like this.

Birthdays, graduations, wedding showers, engagement, new house, thank-you, wedding, and “just because” cards – you name it – I save it. With the intention of creating a wall arrangement of framed greeting cards, I took my first leap to see how I’d like it. I started with one little frame for my desk.

This frame is from the thrift store and was originally dark, ripply silver, so I smuggled some black semi-gloss spray paint from the man-zone and sprayed 2 coats about 2 hours apart. You should leave more. I get all excited and tell myself it’ll finish drying on the shelf! I cut the portion of my card that would fit – a definition of love from my parents for our engagement. Shh, don’t tell – it was my favorite.

I made sure to cut through the entire card because the red heart is created by overlay. Please overlook my dry, wintery, paint spattered hands and sleeves. Thank you much.

Slide image into frame. See how it fits all neatly and stuff? I used an x-acto and the piece of glass to trim the perfect fit. The glass helps to see exactly how it will look so it’s easy to center the image. Once in place, I trace light pencil lines around the glass. Then, with a straight edge and on a cutting mat, trim away!

Next, because this is a card and my mama took time to write us a sweet note, I cut that part out as well, folded it in half, and slipped it behind the image for safe-keeping. And to add some cushion. That is not a PBR can in the background. No, sir.  Nothing to see there!

Once everything is in place, secure (not a photo-worthy step) the stand in place. And display! The picture of flowers beside my “love” definition was also a greeting card and the frame was leftover from some project where I bought one too many conveniently card-sized frames.

And a close-up… It’s a wee-bit hidden by the frame, but I like that. It’s all artsy and special.

I hope this inspires you to do a little home decor shopping… in your home. Happy weekend-end.

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