Black Doors

These images make me want to paint my second floor hallway white and all of the doors black. Like, right now. Today. Get your hankies, ’cause you’ll be droolin’. You’ll forget how gross I am when you start scrolling. Notice many of the spaces have black repeating in the decor, creating balance through repetition (design tip!).

Photo by Douglas Friedman for Domino Magazine

via With Love from Kat blog

Hallway, via Peppermint Bliss Blog

Black riveted doors via Houzz

Black glass doors - so dainty, yet bold! via Classy in the City (Tumblr)

Love the gloss black with the blue and the art! via Bryn Alexandra Blog

Pretty, right!?


Official Pinterest Announcement!

Hello, hello! And happy Saturday! There was a TON of rain in the forecast for this entire weekend so we rushed and rushed and worked and finished destroying, leveling, sod-planting, and cleaning our front lawn and side yard .. and now – NOW – we’re glued to the sofa and can’t move any muscles in our weary nonnow-athletic bodies. Andrew to the hockey game and me to Pinterest. Which reminded me that I must share some wonderful news: White Tulip Interiors and it’s lil bloggy friend and sidekick, Fresh Cut Spaces, teamed up with their creator (me) and launched our official PINTEREST page! Whoa!

Hop over right here or click the red “P” for lots o’ inspiration and prettiness!






I pin things like this kitchen…

And this painted bookcase..

And this ladder..

And this orginial artwork..

And this DIY wine crate garden..

Oh, and sometimes I pin things like this sunflower-topped country table..

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Homes for Herbs

I’m growing my very own herb garden – it’s way teeny and has only two types: Sage and Basil. I plan to re-locate and thin these sprouts this weekend and fill this glass bowl with Rosemary. I also have fresh spearmint and parsley growing happily in the backyard garden and on the patio. I’ve been itching for a more suitable little spot for all of my herbs to live together in harmony (and easy for pickin’). In my not-so-intentional hunt, I’ve found the following accessories and herb homes. Here’s what I have now (sorry for blurries):

Here’s where herbs should live!

Western Red Cedar Herb Planter via Japanese Garden Supply on Etsy, $120

Cork Herb Labels - DIY (via.... all over Pinterest), $Free (after your bottle of wine)

DIY - Trellis with Hanging Herb Pots via Making Lemonade (click photo for link)

Slate Herb Labels via Terrain, $18

Copper Style Herb Planters, $11 via Save on Crafts

Spiral Stone Herb Garden, via Isla Verde

And a few great links for herb tips:

Terrain | Tips from Stone Barns

Better Homes & Gardens | Fanciful Indoor Herb Gardens

Happiness tip: use fresh herbs. And grow them yourself – sense of accomplishment, sense of taste, and sense of minty mojitos!!

Happy (not-too-often) watering!

Sharpen Your Stencils!

Kidding. Bad pun. But really – maybe, sharpen your stencil skills? Way back in the day, when I was talking about re-vamping our tired stairs, I mentioned wallpaper in this post. However, in an effort to save some dollars and get my creative precision on, I’m thinking stencils. Ya know, when we get on that project… tomorrrrow.

I would like to start with something way less complicated than their home office/playroom project. Kudos, Petersiks!! I’m also considering making my own fabric-stenciled privacy curtain for the new laundry/powder room and think it would be way cool to repeat the pattern in two parts of the house.

Here are a few of my faves (The first 3 are some pretties and the last 3 are some realistic-for-mes.), inspired by one of my favorite design/house-lovin’ blogs over in this lily pond.

Stencil Numero Uno:

Moroccan Arches Stencil, Royal Design Studio, $24-39

Stencil Numero Dos:

Feathered Damask Stencil, Royal Design Studio, $56

Stencil Numero Tres:

Chinese Ginkgo by Kim Myles, via Cutting Edge Stencils, $35

Stencil Numero Cuatro:

via Michelle from Decor and the Dog, Stencil is Nova Trellis from Royal Design Studio, click photo for link

Stencil Numero Cinco:

Nagoya Stencil via Cutting Edge Stencil's Etsy page, $40

Stencial Numero Seis:

(Now this one, I can handle!!! Simple, but a great alternative to art over the bed. Or maybe in a powder room.)

Fern Leaves via Cutting Edge Stencil's Etsy page, $33

This is one of my “happy” projects: picking up art again in any viable form and incorporating it into my home.

Happy Wednesday.