Homes for Herbs

I’m growing my very own herb garden – it’s way teeny and has only two types: Sage and Basil. I plan to re-locate and thin these sprouts this weekend and fill this glass bowl with Rosemary. I also have fresh spearmint and parsley growing happily in the backyard garden and on the patio. I’ve been itching for a more suitable little spot for all of my herbs to live together in harmony (and easy for pickin’). In my not-so-intentional hunt, I’ve found the following accessories and herb homes. Here’s what I have now (sorry for blurries):

Here’s where herbs should live!

Western Red Cedar Herb Planter via Japanese Garden Supply on Etsy, $120

Cork Herb Labels - DIY (via.... all over Pinterest), $Free (after your bottle of wine)

DIY - Trellis with Hanging Herb Pots via Making Lemonade (click photo for link)

Slate Herb Labels via Terrain, $18

Copper Style Herb Planters, $11 via Save on Crafts

Spiral Stone Herb Garden, via Isla Verde

And a few great links for herb tips:

Terrain | Tips from Stone Barns

Better Homes & Gardens | Fanciful Indoor Herb Gardens

Happiness tip: use fresh herbs. And grow them yourself – sense of accomplishment, sense of taste, and sense of minty mojitos!!

Happy (not-too-often) watering!


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