Official Pinterest Announcement!

Hello, hello! And happy Saturday! There was a TON of rain in the forecast for this entire weekend so we rushed and rushed and worked and finished destroying, leveling, sod-planting, and cleaning our front lawn and side yard .. and now – NOW – we’re glued to the sofa and can’t move any muscles in our weary nonnow-athletic bodies. Andrew to the hockey game and me to Pinterest. Which reminded me that I must share some wonderful news: White Tulip Interiors and it’s lil bloggy friend and sidekick, Fresh Cut Spaces, teamed up with their creator (me) and launched our official PINTEREST page! Whoa!

Hop over right here or click the red “P” for lots o’ inspiration and prettiness!






I pin things like this kitchen…

And this painted bookcase..

And this ladder..

And this orginial artwork..

And this DIY wine crate garden..

Oh, and sometimes I pin things like this sunflower-topped country table..

Please follow via the link above or the “Follow me on Pinterest” button in the upper right corner!! (And see my boards for all links to above photos! None of them are taken by me and I wouldn’t want you to think such a thing!)


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