Sunday Finds: June Edition

While I’m stuck resting in bed for what seems like the entire summer (but hopefully is not!), I’m finding so many pretty photos of pretty places and spaces and graces. It’s true. So as to not drive my Pinterest followers away with a rib-rest-induced tidal wave of coolness and since I’ve been a wee lax over here among the fresh cuts, I’mma list it in a blog post.

Also, I’m almost finished reading an eye-opening book about finding your true self amidst the weaknesses, sour intentions, temptations, and tendencies of those around you. About being true to yourself against fitting in.  I haven’t been able to put it down and in fact, it’s beautifully written – inspiring me to write.. about beauty (<- blame the Aleve on that one).

I hope you enjoy. It’s a tad random, but doesn’t that feel sort of right on a summer Sunday afternoon?

Happy Pillows via Ada & Darcy

Door / Cabinet pulls to hold hand towels.

via BecauseIliketodecorate Blog | And this is for you because you loved my other DIY headboards to pieces!

Because it’s June… still. 🙂

Love from Julia.

On being brave.

And let this photo swallow you right up into it’s beauty and peace.

Happy Sunday,


One thought on “Sunday Finds: June Edition

  1. Carolyn, I love this post. Julia Child is my hero– seriously. I have loved her since a young girl!! One visit to Canada on a photo shoot to Wyeth for an agency, I was very stressed and a bit (ok, a LOT) on edge gone alone for a few days. Heck I was in my 20’s! Well, lo and behold, Julie was there perusing the Newstand next to me in the terminal. She is a giant!! I initiated a conversation and she was LOVELY!!! She asked me about my plans and trip and was very gracious. It was as if she had all the time in the world for me and her world was secondary. I will never forget and I took it as a sign from the Lord that all was going to be okay and the flight was peaceful. : ))))

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