S-Andy: The Aftermath at Our House

A kind disclaimerThis post is in no way intended to mock this tragic storm which affected many neighbors, friends, and families along the east coast, but share progress inside our home that was made during our time spent off the roads. We were very lucky to have power throughout the storm. We have, however, been seeing pictures of Brigantine, where my parents have a shore house just one block from the ocean on the North End. They are shocking photos of the sea wall and transition to the fishing beaches where we often walk Gracie. A little rattling, but we’re hoping our neighbors and home are well despite. We are also moved by the effects of the storm in Cape May, a beach Andrew and I are fond of and have visited often since our engagement in 2008. Bless everyone.

A few things got upturned and relocated from the kitchen to the powder room walls yesterday afternoon… paint, tile, razorblades, and 2x4s were flying everywhere. Here are some shocking photos.. (Sorry they’re a wee bit blurry. It was windy, ok?!)

Before it got really windy..

Andrew trying to hold things together in the height of the storm..

The next morning.. Investigating the damages..

The mess left in Sandy’s path..

Whoa.. Tile. And paint.

We really shouldn’t leave windows open during a hurricane.

We’re expecting more high winds tonight and this weekend.. maybe the room will be finished!



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