Chapter Two: Everygirl’s Office

As I press on in my organizational journey and venture into Chapter 2: The Everygirl Office of Maria’s book (this one in case you just jumped in, also here), I’m already feeling happier and more efficient. About six months after we moved in, I invested in two lined baskets for our mail. One: Inbox. One: File. Read: (1) Pile and (1) Misc Mess.

Since my initial effort proved difficult to maintain, I’ve adapted my version of The Blackbook outlined in Chapter 2.

From left to right: My version of the Blackbook, my planner, and The Everygirl’s Guide to Life

My goal was to create a go-to reference book for those phone numbers, documents, and bills I need to keep in close reach. I outline how I organized my black book below. It’s actually a white book… Should I change the name?!

An excerpt… What should I put in my book?

I left out “passwords” and “social security cards” as these items are either password protected or in a safe deposit box/safe. I made this book useful without making it valuable to a potential intruder.

My “Coupon/Offers” Sleeve..

A handy tip for maintaining my book: No garbage in,… so no garbage out! I sort my mail daily now so it doesn’t pile up and immediately put bills into the “Bills Due” sleeve, while tossing catalogs and junk mail if I don’t think I’ll find time to read them. That way, I can no longer accumulate a “for later” pile.

Greeting cards in the back pocket.

The back pocket of my binder holds black cards I’ve picked up for Weddings and Birthdays. I buy these ahead of time so I’m not rushing when we’re on the way to a wedding. However, it’s easy to misplace them with so much time to spare! Now I will know exactly where they are!

The **empty** mail bins!

Now, what to do with those mail bins? (Liners are in the wash!)

How My Blackbook Works:

  • Front inside pocket: Outbox (signed, sealed, ready to deliver)
  • Sleeve 1: Inbox
  • Sleeve 2: Bills Due
  • Sleeve 3: File (Paystubs, bills paid, Insurance Docs, etc.)
  • Sleeve 4: Pending (For active claims, requiring a phone call, etc.)
  • Sleeve 5: Checks/Stamps/Return Address Labels
  • Sleeve 6: Coupons/Offers (We don’t use them since we can’t see them!)
  • Sleeve 7: Invitations (2 days before every wedding, we’re asking ourselves “What time does it start again?” and begin digging through the dreaded mail bins)
  • Sleeve 8: Important phone numbers & Addresses
  • Sleeve 9: Receipts to file
  • Back inside pocket: Greeting Cards

It sounds like one chunky binder, but it’s pretty skinny and I’d like it to stay that way!


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