West Elm, KOP Grand Opening!

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with the following: my husband, avocados, champagne, my cats, Nashville, the beach, buying baskets, and West Elm.  Of course, you also know this is a seriously pared down list.  Alas, West Elm.  Just opened.  3 minutes from my work in King of Prussia mall!  Queue happy dance!  I won’t be too chatty as the following images speak for themselves, but this event was super fun and it included both baskets and champagne.  *Please note: I will share links to items as I find them provided on the website, however, not all are there just yet.

West Elm Finds_Montage 3

The wall behind the cash-wrap is made of reclaimed wood from an old warehouse in Camden (I believe!) and is complimented by West Elm’s signature rustic furniture as well as soft, hand-made-looking duvets and hand towels.  I’m a major advocate of  “variety” so this bottom left juxtaposition of yellow glass, wood, and soft, stripey fabric makes my designer heart go pitter-patter!


Yellow/Chartreuse Stripe Duvet paired with grey. Rhyme! *Click Image for Link

West Elm Finds_Montage 1One of the reasons I’m personally drawn to West Elm (which falls under the William-Sonoma brand along with Pottery Barn) is it’s youth, clean lines, eco-friendly construction & materials, freshness, and accents with a cultural vibe.  These hurricanes, candles, and seemingly hand-made containers above are definitely on my wish list!


Pretty, reclaimed, texture-rich Stria Collection *Click for link

Oh my, these lights are gorgeous, but not on the site yet!

Oh my, these pendants are gorgeous, but not on the site yet!

A variety of soft, rustic, and hand-made accessories!

A variety of soft, rustic, and hand-made accessories!

While I was milling around to hip beats with a champagne cocktail in one hand and my camera in the other, I was discovering fun treasures like the Dune vases and drift-wood-esque candle holders (sorry, no link!).  I brought home pretty letter-hand towels and the pretty minty bowls shown bottom right.  The bowls match my powder room paint perfectly and with a feature post coming soon, I promise you’ll see for yourself!

Alas, behold my dream collection: Bliss

Alas, behold my dream collection: Bliss *Click for Link

Now, the highlight of my visit: the opportunity to sit in the Bliss sofa and chair & a half.  I’ve been dreaming of this collection for weeks and scheming ways to get it into my living room.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this not-so-far-as-center-city-or-princeton store opening!  Maybe I’ll see you there!  …sadly, without the champagne, photographers, tuna tartare spring rolls, and awesome DJ.  Thanks for a great night West Elm KOP!

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One thought on “West Elm, KOP Grand Opening!

  1. I am happy you like Nashville-I live there! How did you group your photos? Picassa, or is there another way to do the west elm grouping? I like what you pair together. I Love West Elm-they now know me by name!

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