A Fresh Cut New Year

This time last year, I was beginning a tough but rewarding journey of obtaining my design license.  Actually, I was already on the journey – stumbled – stood up, and decided to press on.  One of my “dust myself off” tactics was creating a blog dedicated to my feat of passing the Practicum portion of the NCIDQ .  I had already passed my 2 multiple choice sections almost a year prior, but the Practicum got the best of me!  If you want to read about egress, space planning, and HVAC duct placement, it’s called The NCIDQ Diaries.  I sprinkled it with love most days and before I knew it, I had a bunch of great followers and comments, not to mention support. I also sprinkled it with raw truth, the ugly stuff, and calculations you don’t get to see between commercial breaks on HGTV.

As many of my readers, friends, and family know, I passed.  In addition to working hard and practicing, my determination and ability to open up about my prior failure, my insecurities, and my fears ended up paying off big time.  I received this great news just days after finding out my husband and I were expecting our first baby.  I guess one could say 2013 was an incredible year.  So, how do I top it in 2014?

Baby to be

The obvious improvement is having said baby! (I’m due tomorrow!!).  But I’m hoping to become a double-threat.  A mama AND a designer.

I’ve seen a few friends declaring their “word” of 2014.  It got me thinking what my word for 2013 was and what my word for 2014 would be.

2013: Pieces.  (noun) As in, pieces of my life falling into place.  Little pieces and big pieces, pieces I can see and some I can only feel. Growth, baby kicks, love, dancing at weddings, starting and finishing renovations, applying myself at work, and living in each moment.  Each person in my life offered a piece of inspiration and support whether they knew it or not.  I found myself recognizing my blessings more clearly – they are all around me and are often unexpected.  Here’s to using these pieces in this new year to embrace my new roll as a mommy, to reignite my spirit as a dreamer and do-er, and to share my talents with the world through design.

2014: Leap.  (verb) This year, I want to take more chances.  I want to water this blog and revive my design business.  First some questions… Why have I stopped blogging?  Why have I not poured my heart and talents into my design business? Why have I not pushed myself beyond my comfort zone?  Read on, I think I’ve got it…

I recently came across a great blog called The Blissful Bee, written by a fellow design[lov]er named Amy who lives in Texas.  I am always interested to learn how and why gals just like me decided to blog and how they stuck with it (after all, it can become a full-time job!), so I read her “About” page.  What I saw when I reached line #7 stopped me in my tracks.

I was terrified to start a blog out of fear of failure. I use to be scared to try new things because of other people being better than me. I quickly realized there will ALWAYS be someone better or more talented out there, so that doesn’t have to stop me from achieving my own version of success.”

Amy’s words resonated with me instantly and really motivated me… With my toolbox stocked with inspiration, confidence, some finished rooms to share with ya, my license, and a shiny new baby on the way, I’m ready to take a good leap.  Look for new posts, a new look, and a new me.  In the meantime:  My blog’s under construction design-wise, so excuse the appearance as I re-vamp! It’s going to be oh so pretty.

Blog Signature Final


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