Hi, I’m Carolyn!

I have the “official” blurb on the side of my blog spillin’ some details on who I am and where I come from and what I do, so this “About Me” will cover the fun stuff.  What better way to share my me-isms than by list?

A Baker’s Dozen Facts in 3 parts

6 about me as a designer

1. I love blank canvases. White rooms with pops of color. I love a good gallery-feel in a space, showcasing original art, treasures, and more importantly, people.

2. Floor plans of any sort entertain my eyes. Eye candy on paper, if you will.

3. I love reclaimed wood + recycled glass + textured white linens + black paint + colorful flowers. Any mix of fresh and antique, rustic and modern. Variety and balance are my two favorite principles of design.

4. I believe in luxurious towels, serving-ware, and draperies. Those are just my splurge things, k? Have I personally splurged yet? No. But I will. Oh, I WILL.

5. Like many modern designers, I don’t prefer themes – I like concepts, feelings, inspirations, defining characteristics, and – anyone who knows me knows I’m a stickler for – the elements and principles of design theme or no theme.

6. I love when designers break the rules. Breaking the rules, rebelling against the expected – that, to me is what makes a pioneer.

6 About me as a person

1.  I love pickles. Just know this about me, ok? For some reason, this is #1. I think this says a lot about me, thank you.

2. Anything pink, orange, green, turquoise, western, sparkly, and cozy makes my heart go pitter patter.

3. I love the mountains. The mountains of PA. The mountains of Maine. And most likely the mountains in other states.

4. Thick Sharpies, Thin Sharpies, Hi-lighter Sharpies, key-chain Sharpies, Rainbow Sharpies. Me. I like.

5. Spring is my favorite season (shout out, Grandma!), but I’m a hot weather+sunshine+beach girl. Always have been. And thanks, Mom, always will be.

6. My favorite possession is my engagement ring. It’s been almost 4 years since I received this beautiful gift and I still look at it every day like as if I were back on that beach in Cape May. My second favorite is my set of crayons from my Grandma’s house from when I was like 5. Yes, I still have them. And they’re in the dining room like they were in her house.

1 About me as a wife

1. I am pretty wildly in love with my husband and I don’t miss a moment to share all of the amazing things that make him so cool to me. Even I make myself gag sometimes, but really – I’m incredibly lucky. Oh, and thank God he rocks at carpentry. The end.

And 2 Flaws (Just to show I’m a human and not a computer)

1. I did not clean out the lasagna pan tonight. Like, it’s not even soaking in the sink. Moreover, this is not a rare happening.

2. I am horrified at my licensing exam experience (the second part) and I’m hoping that by admitting it, I heal a little. It was literally a bad dream. Like, not the “I missed it completely because I overslept dream.” Oh, I made it there. On time. For all 9 hours.  I’m starting to wonder if the scars from that day will ever heal. I literally freak myself out by how disturbed I was/still am. I’ll update on this (good or bad) in 2 months, but for now.. I’m working on letting go. Letting the past be the past. And freeing my mind from fear of failure. Like, for real. This = bee sting in grand scheme of life.

So, there’s like 1 billion more reeeeally interesting facts.. but I probably lost you at pickles.

Thank you for loving my blog!


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