Mad for Mason Jars, Part Two!

While skipping around Etsy recently, I stumbled across these adorable hanging mason jar candle holders by Sweet Tea Clothing Co. My adoration for this old to new, southern staple definitely warrants a[nother] feature. I’m so happy I found these treasures just as summer is around the corner. All photos link to shop. These hanging lights below caught my eye first.

Aren’t they perty?
In fact, the framed mason jar wall sconce/vase is also pretty. Place a votive or tea light in the jar and hang wood panel to an outside (or inside!) wall.And the mason jar succulent planters.And the mason jar string lights.What happened to the inside of the lids when they were replaced with breathable wire mesh? Gift tags. Adorable.All twinkly, fresh creations are by Sweet Tea Clothing Co. Visit their Etsy shop here. And while you’re there, click on the profile link for a simple sweet tea “how to”. Ah, I love the south. Why, oh why do I not live there!?

Happy Thursday!


Wednesday Whimsy: Polite Pillows

These fun-shaped pillows need to be in my home. And your home. Let’s order together, shall we?

All squishy pillows can be found and instantly ordered at Yellow Heart Art on Esty (and Facebook, and Twitter!). I’m diggin’ these as holiday gifts, a cute surprise for your husband-wife-galfriend-guyfriend-furryfriend-best friend-old friend-new friend-grandma, or as a finishing touch to your otherwise snooze-worthy bed. Leonora is the owner and creative mind behind these fun pillows. And she has good taste, too. This necklace popped up on her list of Etsy faves, so I’m sure of it. Besides makin’ perty pillows and other wares, Leonora blogs about adorable stuff and her own goofy adventures. So happy I found her! You should, too! See funky, fun pillows below. Undies & Love, Scooter… Snap!

The Elements of Nature

Bringing natural objects into the home is a sure way to add soothing, rustic, and familiar charm to a space. As humans, we are thirsty for a connection with nature. Naturally, when autumn transitions to winter and the days become shorter, we’re spending less time outdoors doing the wild things we love. During the holidays we decorate with colorful leaves, pumpkins, corn husks, pine cones, red berries, and greens. Below are a few inspiring new ways to incorporate nature into your home. Enjoy all year long. | Click images for info/links where available

Succulents Framed via Better Homes & Gardens

Homemade Driftwood Branch Lamp via Design*Sponge

DIY Wolf Den Coatrack via WordPress

Starfish Mirror via Pinterest

Grass in Reclaimed Walnut Table by Emily Wettstein

Handmade Felt Acorns via Mikio Design

Seashell Wreath via Home Stories A to Z (click photo for how-to!)

Pressed Leaves in Frames via Design*Sponge (click photo for how-to!)

The beautiful greens bring fresh life into your space even if they’re pressed in a frame (or growing from a frame!). The acorns, while made of felt, add a hint of organic charm and the coat hooks bring function with old branches. I love that the seashell wreath could be made from a shore trip shell collection, hand-picked and reminiscent of a summer vacation without looking “beachy” or out of place in your inland home. Just a few reasons to love nature indoors. I hope you were inspired. It was highly difficult to limit myself with this post… might need to create a follow-up!

Mad for Mason Jars

While popping into the grocery store for laundry detergent and fabric softener (I recommend Snuggle which is what my mother in law uses and her home smells amazing), I noticed a flat of mason jars. Completely relevant, I know. With my ever-wandering mind, I realized that I never did write that feature on mason jars as I had hoped to do this summer. Since there are no rules here – and I’d be making them anyway – I’m dragging these summery staples right into fall. Here are a few of my favorite creative uses for mason jars. *Click on images for source and how-to’s where available. xo

Mason Jar as candle, torch, oil-light | via Raised in Cotton

Mason Jars as Planters | via CSI Project

Mason Jars as storage | via Lovely Little Details

Mason Jars as lighting | via Decoratualma

Mason Jars as wedding decor | via Style Me Pretty

Mason (or Pickle, or Salsa) Jars as Kids Storage | via Pinterest

Mason Jars as drinking glasses | via Style Me Pretty

And because these lyrics paint a gorgeous, Southern picture of happiness and life and love:

“An old man and an eight year old boy
Rolling down that midnight highway
Warm Kentucky memories from a winter Georgia night
I started drifting off and Grandpa tucked his coat around me
I think I tried to smile as I slowly closed my eyes
And I dreamed I was with him on the farm
Grandpa, I can hear the evening wind out in the corn
Wild flowers in a mason jar and the bus rolling through the night..”

– John Denver

Speedy Post: Little Sachets

I have an Etsy addiction along with almost every other sensible girl on the planet. And sometimes, all the time, I come across a find which I have to share. Instantly. So, here I am – it’s 9:22 on a Sunday night. And I find these beautiful little, scented sachets. They belong in my home. And perhaps yours, too. Lotta Helleberg’s creations bring refreshing design to your dresser, chair, or shelf. Come, sit with me. Enjoy.

Autumn Gold Geranium Sachets via Inleaf on Etsy

Treat Your Windows…

..beautifully. These striped drapes compliment the subtle geometric print of the wall-covering so well, it hurts! Reasons I love this space: the horizontal stripes don’t thwart the towering presence of the curtain panels – in fact, they balance it. The hanging star is such a pleasant surprise and suits the space better than a huge painting. The gold pillows with the dusty purples and grays… the bright orange flowers stealing the show from the corner. The allure. The comfort. It’s unpretentious and yet so rich all at once.

Living Room | The Curtain Exchange

Halloween in Paper

I love the handmade look of paper Halloween decorations and I hope this trend hangs around. The following pieces of paper decor have vintage flair and elements of both charm and creepiness. I hope you find some inspiration for your Halloween party – I’m posting this a few weeks early in case, like me, you wish to order everything on this list in time for the 31st!

"Daring" Treat Labels | Crafty Pagan Designs, Etsy

Bat Invitation | Easy Made Invitations, Etsy

Creepy Mice Decorations | Cotton Ridge Emporium, Etsy

Hanging Letter Banner | Party Paper Scissors, Etsy

25' Paper Garland | Sweet Things Etsy by Mara May, Etsy

Spooky Favor Bags | Crafty Pagan Designs, Etsy

Have a spooooky Halloween!!

Light Show: Lindsey Adelman

New York City-based lighting designer, Lindsey Adelman, caught my eye a few months ago when my art-savvy aunt shared her work with me. Lindsey’s incredible works have been featured in publications such as Nylon, Elle Decor, and Town & Country and for good reason. These fresh and edgy fixtures are purely functional sculpture. Lindsey grew from a crafty childhood, into a passion for literature, and through an education in industrial design, all of which influenced her subsequent experimentation and the pieces you’ll enjoy below. Here’s the elusive artist, Lindsey!

Lindsey’s creations stem from a culmination of inspirational paradoxes “combining the hand-crafted with the machine-made, the sensual with the practical, and the feminine with the masculine.” As a designer, I am constantly seeking and discovering new concepts and combinations. If I’ve learned just one thing: When thinking outside the box meets practicality, beautifully innovative interiors are born.

Wasp, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo

Burst, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo

Bubble, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo | Interior Design by Nathan Eagan

I love the subtle, yet bright presence in the corner of this space. They catch the eye without stealing the show.

Rope Light, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo

Agnes Electro 10 Chandelier, Lindsey Adelman | Photo by Joseph De Leo

This last photo shows a space with successful style through the juxtaposition of rustic and modern. The natural materials, the lines, the clean white walls, and the movement of Lindsey’s chandelier lend themselves harmoniously to a balanced kitchen and dining space. I often tell my clients and design fans alike that the key to a dynamic atmosphere is variation. Variation in finishes, height, color, and texture. Lindsey’s fixtures embody this very concept and whether it’s your thing or not, her aesthetic is certainly captivating and unique.

It’s August and That Means…

…Shark Week is on Discovery Channel!

I know you like sharks. And I like sharks. And my friend’s brother likes sharks. And the kid across the street likes sharks. But, did you know? ETSY loves sharks! In fact, they’re celebrating Shark Week with lots of shark loot. Feast your eyes – all shark-like and hungry – on the following hand-picked items which I suggest you have in hand while watching “How Sharks Hunt” tonight at 9.

Great White Shark Notecard, $8 |

Hammerhead Shark Pillow Case, $12 |

Fresh Chomped, er – Cut Spaces: bringing sharks into your home and life, one accent at a time.
Happy swimming!